LifestyleReddit: Man demands that his neighbor change his dog's name

Reddit: Man demands that his neighbor change his dog’s name

Dog names often vary between those that are very obvious pet names and those that could also be human names.

In a recent Reddit post shared on the popular “Am I the Asshole?” subreddit, a man explains that his neighbor’s daughter has the same name as his dog, so he asked him to change his pet’s name. .

The animal’s owner, who has lived in his current home for more than a year, wrote that his dog is named Charlotte and that she has a potty routine; Her owner lets her go out into the yard and comes back in when he calls her by her name.

The man in question recounts a recent incident with his neighbor: “I looked at the door and called her name, but this time, along with the familiar sound of my dog ​​galloping up the porch steps, an adult human voice shouted ‘ WHY ARE YOU CALLING MY DAUGHTER?’ or something like that. At first it seemed to me that my new neighbors were arguing among themselves, but minutes later they knocked on my door.”

The Reddit user explains that a man started yelling at him and asking him why he was calling his two-year-old daughter. The man responded that Charlotte was also the name of his dog. “He rolled his eyes and told me that I ‘better’ change my dog’s name because he didn’t want her daughter to get confused and come into my house,” the man wrote.

“I told him that wasn’t going to happen because not only did my dog ​​have the name first, but we also lived here first. Also, I don’t like it when people who don’t know me demand things from me without even making an effort to be polite. What I did NOT say, but really wanted to have said, is that teaching her daughter about stranger danger is her responsibility, not mine,” the man explains in the Reddit post.

According to the man, his neighbor claimed that he would have to change his dog’s name because “a girl obviously takes priority over a dog when it comes to choosing a name.” The dog’s owner then wondered if he had made a mistake for not paying attention to his neighbor.

Several people came to his defense in the comments of the post. “You are not obligated to change your dog’s name. There’s no reason to change your routine either. In case your neighbor’s daughter comes to your door, you simply don’t open the door for her or just tell her to go back to her house,” one user commented. “You can request a restraining order or file a report if your neighbor harasses or threatens you.”

Another person agreed, writing: “This person seems like a pretty stuck-up jerk.”

“Regardless of who lived there first or who had the name first, requiring someone to change their dog’s name (a name they would have already learned and been familiar with) is frankly ridiculous and strikes me as disrespectful.”

The user also warns the dog’s owner that the situation could get more serious. “I advise you to keep an eye on your dog and also on your neighbor. “It seems a bit far-fetched, but if you are foolish enough to knock on a stranger’s door and start an argument, you may be able to do anything,” he wrote.

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