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Results of the audit of Múzquiz for alleged anomalies will be known until 2024

The Special Audit carried out on the municipality of Múzquiz, due to a complaint filed by the former secretary of the City Council, Mónica Escalera, of alleged embezzlement of 100 million pesos, will be delivered until next year, because it is not part of the 2022 Public Account , but 2023, and currently the inspection of public resources continues, because it is carried out outside the Annual Program.

Manuel Ramírez Briones, Superior State Auditor, explained that once the special audit, requested by the plenary session of the State Congress, is completed, the documentation will be delivered of the result to the Government Audit and Public Account Commission, which is chaired by Representative Edna Dávalos.

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Mónica Escalera filed the complaint before the State Congress for alleged diversion and embezzlement of public funds for 100 million pesosaccording to documents that he exhibited during the presentation of his complaint to the Legislative Branch, so that an instruction to carry out a special audit was issued.

The auditor explained that this type of audits, requested by the plenary session of the State Congress, are outside the program which is carried out each year to monitor the income and expenses, mainly, of public entities.

Due to that, which is a Special Audit, it is ongoing, because it does not have a defined time in the Law and when the investigation is exhausted and the results are obtained, it is delivered to the respective Commission for analysis. However, because it is from Account 2023, it could be ready next year.


The Superior Audit of Coahuila (ASEC) presented its Annual Public Account Results Report 2022and the municipality of Múzquiz was the third most watched municipality with 21 million pesos.

They were only in front of this municipality in the amount of public money observed, that is, they did not have adequate verification of its origin or destination: Saltillo with 102 million pesos, as well as Monclova with 63 million pesos.

In the month of March 2023, once the Superior Audit Office has carried out the separation of administrative offenses and they went to the internal control bodies of each public entity, it will also decide on the criminal complaints for the 2022 financial year. if necessary, and a hearing will be given to the State Attorney General’s Office and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office of Coahuila.

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