TechnologyRetro game emulators finally authorized by Apple!

Retro game emulators finally authorized by Apple!

After having formally banned their presence in the App Store, Apple is now opening the door to game emulators in its store! A major change for retro-gaming enthusiasts, which is accompanied by another backpedal from the manufacturer towards streaming apps – Spotify in the first place.

The somewhat silly little game of cat and mouse between Apple and game emulators has come to an end. The App Store has always refused applications that allow old games to be emulated, even if these utilities are completely legal (it is especially the way in which we obtain the ROMs of the games in question that navigates in troubled waters) .

Emulators no longer have to hide

Chase away the natural, it comes back at a gallop: it has always been possible to install emulators on iPhone, whether through jailbreaking or using less invasive methods, like AltStore. These hacks are finally a thing of the past since the change of guidelines from the App Store.

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Article 4.7 of these famous rules, devoted to “ mini apps, mini games, streaming games » in fact authorizes “ retro console emulation apps »which can ” offer to download games “. Often at Apple, the devil is in the details. The company specifies that the developer is “ responsible for all software offered in the application, including its compliance […] with all applicable laws “. The shadow of Nintendo looms large: the manufacturer recently cracked down on Yuzu, the famous Switch emulator. Above all, these rules could limit emulators to the largest publishers, those who still own the licenses for their old games.

Will the iPhone become the ultimate retro gamer’s machine? This remains to be seen because in this area, Android has a huge head start: Google in fact authorizes emulators without hesitation. However, being able to install an emulator on your iPhone or iPad without hassle will change the lives of many players.

Streaming apps can communicate more freely with their users

While the above rule applies worldwide, the next one only applies to the European Economic Area. Music streaming applications will be able to display a link (or button) to their website to inform users of the existence of other ways to subscribe.They will also be able to request the users’ email address to send them the famous link.

This change is the direct and very concrete result of the large fine of 1.8 billion euros imposed by the European Union on Apple at the beginning of March. The manufacturer, which intends to appeal this conviction, was found guilty of abuse of a dominant position by preventing Spotify and other streaming apps from informing users about the different ways to subscribe.

Spotify’s proposal to inform its listeners of its different subscription plans.

Spotify, at the origin of the complaint, took the opportunity to submit an update to its app with information on the different payment methods available to listeners.

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These modifications and accommodations confirm, if necessary, that Apple will only move on these subjects through pressure imposed by court decisions or by regulators.

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