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Russia and Ukraine: How does Zelensky confront the West’s dissatisfaction with the war? – . .

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  • Author, James Waterhouse
  • Role, BBC correspondent in Ukraine
  • Reporting from Kyiv

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was forced to make additional efforts during his visit to the United States and Canada, despite the strong and stable relations.

The visit to Canada was the easiest, as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to support Ukraine “as long as it needs it” in the face of Russia’s invasion, and Trudeau enjoys unanimous support from members of various parties in this endeavor.

Although “America’s pockets are more full of money,” its policies are more complex.

President Zelensky got a new $325 million military package from the White House, but it wasn’t the massive $24 billion he had hoped for.

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