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russia bans LGBTQ movement and now declares extremist will take action – International news in Hindi – LGBTQ movement banned in Russia, will be considered extremist; Action will be taken on any action, Videsh News

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In Russia, homosexual relations are prohibited and considered illegal. Not only this, now the Supreme Court of the country has given an important decision on this and has banned the International LGBTQ Movement. Apart from this, orders have also been given to consider it as a terrorist organization. The court says that people associated with this will not be able to carry out any activity in Russia. The last few years have been bad for people in homosexual relationships in Russia. The government has imposed restrictions and now the difficulty has increased further due to this order of the court.

President Vladimir Putin also sees an opportunity for himself in the protests against the LGBTQ community. Amidst the war with Ukraine, his support base seems to be weakening. In such a situation, he is propagating this issue as Western culture versus Russia. He is presenting himself as a defender of traditional culture in Russia. He says that we are trying to save the moral values ​​of Russia from the attack of Western civilization. Actually, the Law Ministry of Vladimir Putin government had filed the application in the court.

The ministry had said that there is a danger of social and communal harmony deteriorating due to the activities of the LGBTQ community in the country. The Law Ministry demanded that the International LGBTQ Movement be declared a terrorist organization. However, Russia’s stand in this matter has also been criticized in the United Nations.

Regarding the Law Ministry’s application, the court said, ‘The claims can be considered true. It is important that the international LGBTQ movement is considered a terrorist organization and its activities are banned in Russia. Just two weeks ago, the Law Ministry had said that we are starting the process of declaring the International LGBTQ Movement as an extremist organization. However, the ministry did not say anything clearly regarding this.

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