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Saltillo: The weekend it rained 21.3% of the annual average of the last 43 years

According to the subdirectorate of Civil Protection of Coahuila, Last weekend, a total of 101 millimeters of rain, that is, 4 inches, was reported in Saltillo.

The measurement of dependency was carried out from 08:00 on Friday, November 10 to 08:00 on Monday, the 13th of the same month.

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The municipal Civil Protection units reported that There were no major incidents until Monday afternoon.

With data from the Saltillo Meteorological Observatory, The 101 millimeters represent 21.3 percent of the annual average rainfall that the capital of Coahuila accumulates historically.

The Observatory has records since 1980 and until 2023, the average is 472 millimeters per year on average.


In this regard, the general director of Aguas de Saltillo, Jordi Bosch, indicated that this amount of rain is good for the city, since opens the possibility of recharging the aquifers.

“They add to the rains we had just after October 9. They served to soak the ground and These very fine rains have served to continue soaking the ground and predictably filling the aquifers,” Bosch explained.

However, he explained that “the recharging of the wells in San Lorenzo and the urban ones is still not very noticeable,” The increase in water stock is not noticeable in the south either.

He also added that being a rain However, it has been easy to infiltrate the wells, unlike when a lot of rain falls in one day and you cannot get much benefit from it.

He added that There are areas of the city where up to 120 millimeters of water were recorded, which helped infiltrate water into recharge areas at the foot of the Sierra de Zapalinamé, the urban area and the Loma Alta area.

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