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Met PM Modi on the issue of farmers, he was arrogant said Satya Pal Malik

Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik has once again attacked the BJP government at the Center while coming out in favor of the farmers. Malik said in a program on January 2 that when he met Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss the issue of farmers, he was in ‘arrogance’ and got into an argument with the PM.

Governor Satya Pal Malik reached Dadri’s rest house on Sunday where a police guard saluted him. Subsequently, speaking at an event in Dadri, Haryana, Satyapal Malik said, “When I went to meet the Prime Minister to discuss the farmer issue, I ended up fighting with him within five minutes. He was very arrogant. When I told him that 500 of our own (farmers) had died… he said, ‘Did they die for me?’ I told him yes, since you are the king. I ended up having an argument with him. He told me to meet Amit Shah and I did).”

Later, when asked about the government’s decision to repeal agricultural laws and the farmer’s pending demands, he said, “What else could have been said other than what the prime minister said.”

‘…then there may be movement’

Malik said that the farmers’ movement has not ended, but has been postponed. He said, “If the demands of the farmers are not accepted, then there can be a movement again. The repeal of the Agriculture Act is a big victory for the farmers, the farmers will remain united regarding the MSP also.”

Have already opposed the government

This is not the first time that Satya Pal Malik has opened a front against the central government. Earlier, in October 2021, Malik had said that if the government did not listen to the farmers, it would not come to power again. He had said, “The mood of the government goes a little in the sky, they do not see their problems. If the demands of the farmers are not accepted, then this government will not come again.”

In an interview to a TV channel in March 2021, Malik had said, “Condolences are expressed even when an animal dies, but here 250 farmers have died, for whom no one has expressed any condolences till now. “

Malik said that if the government feels that they are harming him, then he is ready to step down.

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