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Scientists were roaming in space 400Km above the Earth, lost their tool bag… now floating in front of ISS, see

The second home of astronauts 400 km above the Earth, called the International Space Station (ISS), remains in the news. From time to time, a team of astronauts goes out of the space station and completes its maintenance work. This is a spacewalk, which is completed in several hours. During the last spacewalk which was done on November 2, an incident happened and now it has come to light.

NASA astronauts Jasmine Moghbeli and Loral O’Hara lost their tool bags during a spacewalk on November 2, 2023, reports. The report says that people who are interested in space now have a chance to see the tool bag. This tool bag is floating at some distance from the space station.

According to the report, currently this tool bag is just ahead of the space station. It cannot be seen with the naked eye, but with the help of a good telescope the tool bag can be spotted from Earth. It is estimated that the tool bag is floating 2 to 4 minutes ahead of the space station. To see this, people will first have to track the space station.

According to the report, when the tool bag reaches a height of 113 kilometers from the Earth, it can disintegrate. Astronaut Megan Christian, who was kept in reserve during the spacewalk, shared footage of the tool bag being left on her X account, writing that it was last seen atop Mount Fuji.

The tool bag floating in the air has now become part of the space debris. It is noteworthy that a large number of space debris is present in space. This is part of the defunct satellites. The special thing is that a similar incident had happened in the year 2008 also. Even then, an important piece of equipment was left in space by a NASA astronaut.

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