BusinessSecrets of truth and falsehood -

Secrets of truth and falsehood –

One day ‘Sage Satyatapa’ was sitting in the forest. Suddenly a boar passed by and disappeared. The hunter reached behind. He asked the sage, ‘Munivar! Have you seen Varaha going?’ The sage thought that if he told the truth the hunter would kill the boar. If you don’t tell, the hunter’s family will remain hungry. The sage said, ‘The eyes have seen Varaha, but they cannot speak. The tongue can speak, but it has not seen Varaha. Then the sage saw that Vishnu and Indra were standing in front of the hunter in place of him. He said, Munivar, you actually understand the mystery of truth and falsehood and its consequences. While speaking the truth, only conscience can take the right decision as to what its consequences will be. Both of them returned after giving the boon to Rishi Satyapa. Presentation: Akshita Tiwari

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