GlobalSenate gives way to disappear Powers in Guerrero and Guanajuato

Senate gives way to disappear Powers in Guerrero and Guanajuato

After a debate that included disqualifications between legislators, the full Senate gave the green light for the Government Commission to study whether the disappearance of the Powers in Guerrero and Guanajuato proceeds.

Annoyed because the Board of Directors processed the request made by the PAN bench, the Morenaist Félix Salgado Macedonio, father of Governor Evelyn Salgado, threatened that Morena may approve the disappearance of Powers from all the states governed by the opposition, because He has the votes to achieve it.

He rejected that there are causes for the disappearance of Powers in Guerrero, since the local Congress dismissed the prosecutor, accused of omissions for the murder of a normal student from Ayotzinapa at the hands of a police officer, it did so unanimously, which shows that the institutions work.

In response, PAN member Alejandra Reynoso assured that, although there is insecurity in Guanajuato, all the problems are derived from federal inaction, because the incidence of crime has to do with crimes under federal jurisdiction. After this, the Morenistas Martha Lucía Micher and Antares Vázquez complained harshly to him.

Then, there was a confrontation between the PAN member Lilly Téllez and the Morenista Rocío Abreu, accusing each other of being “bad,” “indecent,” extorting, or being mentally ill.

The disappearance of powers, to review

The Senate accepted petitions in Guerrero and Guanajuato, due to the crisis derived from the murder of a normal student and insecurity, respectively.

In the midst of an intense debate, the Senate plenary session gave rise to requests for analysis of the disappearance of powers in Guerrero and Guanajuato, so that its Government Commission could study whether it is true that the powers do not function in both states.

Visibly upset, because the Board of Directors of the Senate gave legislative processing to the request made by the PAN, the Morena senator Félix Salgado Macedonio, representative of Guerrero and father of the governor of the entity, Evelyn Salgado, threatened that Morena may approve the disappearance of powers of all the states governed by the opposition, because it has the votes to achieve it.

“We are the simple majority and you know it (…) and I can assure you from now on that the disappearance of powers in Guerrero is not appropriate, there are no elements for it. “Then it would be idle to be here having a false debate,” he said to the PAN members.

He told them that only on Tuesday the state Legislative Branch dismissed the state attorney general and did so unanimously, which shows that the Legislative Branch works and that the Executive Branch works normally.

The PAN senator from Guanajuato Alejandra Reynoso made it clear that, although there is insecurity in her state, all the problems are derived from the lack of federal inaction.

But Morena’s senators, Martha Lucía Micher and Antares Vázquez, came out to attack the state government and assure that the situation in Guanajuato is worse than in Guerrero, to which Alejandra Reynoso responded that that is why “Morena does not win in Guanajuato, nor will it win.” ”.

Just as the debate began to close, tempers flared again between Senator Lilly Téllez, of the PAN, and Morenoist Rocío Abreu.

“For Félix Salgado Macedonio, being a woman does not guarantee that one will act for women, here those women from Morena are very different from us, there are good women, with good character, educated, and there are bad women with bad character, like all of them. those from Morena that sit there.

“To show a button, Félix, your female companion, operator of Rocío Nahle’s moches who receives cash and is accused, like you, of sexual harassment, that one with Chinese hair, from Campeche, is that a woman? She is supposed to, but wow, she, she is a bad and indecent woman,” said Lilly Téllez.

“To correct this person who is mentally ill. It is true that the issue of amphetamines causes terrible damage to mental health, it is true that drugs destroy those who do not win an election, but not even as a carnival queen. The one that is dedicated to extorting people and the government, lobbying, which is the only thing she knows how to do,” responded Rocío Abreu.

Kenia López, from the PAN, clarified that Téllez only referred to a corrupt senator with Chinese hair and Abreu took it for granted.

“The most incongruous thing I have heard in this Senate. The aggressors, the tamaleros, now come to give us classes,” Abreu shouted.

The data

The process

  • The Interior Commission will be in charge of analyzing whether the declaration of disappearance of powers is appropriate.
  • If your assessment is that it is not appropriate, the ruling goes to the plenary session and the process continues there.
  • If the Interior Commission considers that it is appropriate to declare the disappearance of powers, it goes to the plenary session, which validates it and turns it over to the Justice Commission to get into the substance of the issue.

They demand to prosecute those responsible for murder

CHILPANCINGO.— Normalistas from Ayotzinapa held a rally in front of government facilities to ask that the officials involved in the murder of their fellow Yankee Kothan Gómez be prosecuted and punished by justice.

The group of about 100 normal students arrived in buses that were being held and in front of the main entrance they asked that the officials who falsified the facts about their classmate’s death be punished.

The officials accused are the former Secretary General of the Government, Ludwig Marcial Reynoso, the Secretary of Public Security, Rolando Solano Rivera, and the former prosecutor Sandra Luz Valdovinos.

The entrance to the Government Palace has metal fences to protect the building, the normalistas demonstrated in front of it and in the end they removed one to throw it into the bed of the Huacapan River.

A few minutes before the arrival of the young people, the staff working in the Palace were evacuated; Only trusted personnel were ordered to stay inside.

After the protest the young people returned to their school in Tixtla.

Rolando Aguilar

Two police officers involved are linked to the process

The two Guerrero police officers arrested for the murder of Yanqui Kothan Gómez Peralta, a normal student from Ayotzinapa, were linked to proceedings for the crimes of homicide and attempted homicide, both classified, after the events that occurred on the night of March 7 in the Chilpancingo bypass. -Tixtla.

The state agents identified as Francisco ‘N’ and Sigifredo ‘N’ will remain detained in the Social Readaptation Center (Cereso) of Acapulco, so they will face the process against them in prison, since they were ordered to be held in preventive detention as a precautionary measure. .

During the bonding hearing, which lasted seven hours, 34 pieces of evidence were presented.

The director of the Center for the Defense of the Rights of Victims of Violence, priest Filiberto Velázquez Florencio, reported that the agents’ defense assured that the accused shot in legitimate defense; However, it was found that there was excessive use of force and that action protocols were not followed, since the Ayotzinapa normalistas, including Kothan Gómez, did not shoot.

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