SportsSergio Ramos: "I still feel loved despite everything that has happened"

Sergio Ramos: “I still feel loved despite everything that has happened”

More than 22,000 Sevillistas at the Sánchez-Pizjuán support the defender during his presentation

On a possible return to the Spanish team: “If things and circumstances change, why not?”

MADRID, September 6 (.) –

The Spanish footballer Sergio Ramos admitted that he still feels “loved” by the Sevilla FC fans “despite everything that has happened” in recent years with certain disagreements, after having been surrounded this Wednesday by more than 22,000 people at the Ramón Sánchez Stadium -Pizjuán during his presentation as a new Sevilla player.

“It is a very special and emotional day. Many have passed, but like the day I debuted here, today is once again a special day, in which I return home. I still feel loved despite everything that has happened and I want to give Thank you for allowing me to feel loved in this return,” Ramos commented from the stadium grass.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have made it possible for me to defend this shield again. I have celebrated all the club’s titles from outside and we are one of the great teams in Europe. To finish I would like to share this moment mine of happiness in the most sincere way. I am a Sevilla fan and I come to kill for this shield,” said the Camas footballer.

After more than half an hour of attending to journalists, Ramos left the press room and dressed in shorts to go out through the locker room tunnel. Since early in the afternoon, more than 22,000 Sevillistas had queued to attend the presentation. Not in vain, Ramos has returned 18 years later to the club where he trained as a youth player.

In this press conference, the Cameroon analyzed his physical condition after spending two years at Paris Saint-Germain. “The truth is that I feel very well physically, but I needed to smell grass and go back to training with my teammates, that adaptation that the field really gives you. And that no matter how much you train, if you don’t return to a team… well Obviously you lose it,” he argued.

“Now I have been with the team training for two days and physically I feel good. But little by little I will find my best physical version to be there as soon as possible. I am not in a hurry either, but I will be available as soon as possible,” Ramos predicted before opening the door to his possible return to a call-up for the Spanish team.

“With regard to the national team, as you well know, a year ago I made a decision because, as I said at the time, football is sometimes not just football. And if the circumstances arise, well, who knows. Everyone already knows. What it means to me to represent my country. And well, we’ll see. Now I’m honestly very focused on starting with my team, on accumulating games, on accumulating sensations and well, if things and circumstances change, why not? “, he pointed out about it.

On the Sánchez-Pizjuán pitch, he was accompanied by his wife Pilar Rubio and his four children. Pablo Blanco, Joaquín Caparrós and Jesús Navas appeared alongside them, three very important people in the camero’s sporting career. “Sergio arrived at the sports city one afternoon in April, in the junior stage. We were surprised by his competitive nature and personality,” Blanco recalled.

“He came for a couple more days and we decided that he had to stay because he was different. I feel very proud to have him here again. He is a youth player and we have to be with him because he is going to make us very happy,” added the youth team coordinator. Seville.

Caparrós described it as “a great luxury” to have Ramos and Navas back in the Sevilla squad, being “two footballers born and raised on the Utrera road and two world champions.” “We have to enjoy them. I remember Sergio’s eyes shining when he was about to make his debut at the age of 17, because he knew he was going to get what he wanted since he was a child in the Sevilla shirt. I feel satisfied that Sergio is back because it suits us to give many joys”, said Caparrós.

More briefly, but equally sincere, Navas finally spoke: “Thank you for welcoming Sergio because he deserves it. He has always given everything and here he is going to give his all. I congratulate my brother. I know what he has suffered because “We have had many conversations and his wish was to come to Seville. I am very happy because we can enjoy together.”

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