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Sergio Ramos: “My grandfather, Puerta and everyone from above deserve to hear my name chanted again at Pizjuán”

MADRID, September 4 (.) –

The Spanish defender Sergio Ramos assured that this Monday is “one of the most wonderful days” that he has lived in his career with the return 18 years later to Sevilla, a stage for which he asks to make a “clean slate” with fans with the one that did not end well and in which he hopes, due to the memory of his grandfather or his friends Antonio Puerta and José Antonio Reyes, that his name will once again be “chanted” at the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán.

“It is a very special day, one of the most wonderful that I have experienced throughout my life because in the end, coming home is always very gratifying. Going back to my house and doing it after 18 years, it is normal that I need a little more of time to digest a little more all that flavor that requires going back home and set foot in this stadium again”, Sergio Ramos said in an interview with the club’s television.

The one from Camas pointed out that “there are things in life that you cannot buy with money or anything” and that “the heart” was the one that asked him to “go back home”. “I had a debt, not only with Sevilla, who of course wanted to fix it with these fans as soon as possible because of everything that had happened, also with my grandfather who made me a Sevilla player since I was a child and took me by the hand to the stadium, my father and above all with Puerta, with José Antonio Reyes, with people who also move you,” he confessed.

The central defender believes that this “was a good time to come help” and to “contribute many things” that he considers he has acquired in his career. “I want to put them at the service of the team of my soul, which has always been Sevilla,” he added.

On how he will be received by a fans with whom he maintained tension on his last visits, Ramos was clear. “What happened in the past must change. I apologized, which was the first thing I did, to all Sevillism, for those gestures I made in its day. In the end I am very passionate and I expressed it that way, but I apologize to anyone who has felt upset. I think now is the time to all row in the same direction,” he asked.

The Andalusian has been “thinking about it for many years” about his departure from the club to sign for Real Madrid. “Since I left here, 18 years have passed, one is very young and perhaps at that moment one was not really prepared to tell the truth of things, how they happened, how they were carried out and how they were executed, but it would be to specify too much when end,” he noted.

“I go back home and what does not change is the feeling and the heart. I am a Sevilla fan from birth and it is impossible for someone to change it, therefore I apologize for the mistakes that we may have made, not only me but also a sector that from the first year I left without having done or said anything because I was always whistled. You have to look ahead and being in the same team it would be foolish to fight those of us who are inside when the enemy really is outside, “he warned.

In any case, “of course” he understands the Sevilla fan if he is upset. “The fan is also very passionate and it is normal when one makes gestures that they do not like to protest and whistle at you. I understand and respect it, I even take it into account, but I think it is a time to leave it behind, to wipe the slate clean. new,” he reiterated.

And Sergio Ramos is “very eager” to put “this shield on his chest again.” “I really want to score a goal again, to feel that the stands fall down hearing my name. I think that emotionally there is no one who can contribute it to me other than this team that is Sevilla,” he said.


A key figure was his grandfather, of whom he regrets that his “last memory” is leaving the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán “crying and seeing how people whistled for his grandson.” “It was something very hard and I think we don’t deserve it either as a family or as a player or as a fan, because in the end I think this is something that has harmed everyone, not just me,” he asserted.

“My grandfather, Puerta, I believe that all of them from above deserve to return
to hear my name chanted, to hear one of my goals again at the Sánchez-Pizjuán. I think there are things that I have to experience before I die and only Sevilla could provide them. So I think I have made the right decision and if I am wrong, well, I will die peacefully because it was what my heart told me,” said the man from Camas.

This made it clear that “never” has moved “for money.” “And anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know me. And that’s why it didn’t make sense to go to Arabia right now, or go to the MLS, or go anywhere other than here. That’s why I waited for the call until the last moment. and even risking being left with nothing. I had that minimum of hope that it was going to arrive and it arrived in the 93rd minute,” he said with a smile due to the reference to that header in that key minute later to win the Champions League with Real Madrid in 2014.

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