GlobalSheinbaum marries Jesús María Tarriba; "we are very happy"

Sheinbaum marries Jesús María Tarriba; “we are very happy”

Claudia Sheinbaum She is experiencing a great moment both professionally by being the standard bearer of Morena, PT and the PVEM for the Presidency of the Republic in the 2024 elections, but also personally, an area in which the former head of Government of Mexico City has opened his heart to make known the good news since got married this friday.

It was at the end of November of last year when Sheinbaum announced that she would say “yes” to her boyfriend Jesús María Tarriba Ungeralthough he did not specify when the wedding would take place, but almost a year later he gave a clue, because this Friday, November 17 showed off the rings.

“I have news for you,” the now presidential candidate wrote along with a heart emoji and the two silver rings inside her box.

Sheinbaum published the image of the rings from his wedding with Jeús María Tarriba. (Special)

The publication of the rings, which registered thousands of “likes” and hundreds of comments among his followers, was the watershed to announce that today was the big day in which He married Jesús María Tarriba in an intimate and family ceremony.

Through her social networks, Sheinbaum confirmed that she had already married and published a photograph with her now husband, with whom she was reunited after more than 30 years.

“I share with you that today Jesús and I got married (…). We are very happy,” he wrote next to the image in which both look smiling.

It was in a radio interview that Claudia Sheinbaum revealed that she would marry Jesús María Tarriba, her college boyfriend after six years of relationship at that time.

“Yes, we are getting married. We already decided, we both decided (…) It’s something nice and don’t think it’s a big party or anything. The truth is I’m happy,” Sheinbaum said with an obvious smile when announcing the commitment.

Sheinbaum signs his marriage certificate with Jesús María Tarriba. (Special)

Who is Jesús María Tarriba and how did the relationship with Sheinbaum arise?

Jesús María Tarriba Unger He has a doctorate in Physics from the Faculty of Sciences of the UNAM and lived in Spain, where he married and made a long and successful career in the financial sector working as a quantitative analyst at Banamex from 1994 to 1997 and then as an analyst and head of risk models at Santander for 16 years.

Currently it is financial risk analyst at the Bank of Mexico since 2017 due to his mathematical training and the experience he gained in banking when he lived in Spain.

The love story between Tarriba Unger and Claudia Sheinbaum began at the UNAM Faculty of Sciences, where they met. While studying for a bachelor’s degree They were dating for about a year and three months..

Jesús María Tarriba signs the marriage certificate with Claudia Sheinbaum. (Special)

Their paths separated, Sheinbaum met Carlos Imaz Gispert in the University Student Council in which he participated and they married in 1987. The couple had a daughter: Mariana and after 30 years of marriage they divorced.

Sheinbaum and Jesús María Tarriba had contact again through Facebook, when she was head of the Tlalpan delegation and it was 32 years later that they met again when the Physics doctor, who was also divorced, returned to Mexico.

According to Sheinbaum, the crush came again at Christmas 2016, so since then they resumed their relationship and currently live together. The couple decided to take the next step and get married.

Since they resumed their courtship, Jesús María Tarriba’s appearances with Claudia Sheinbaum have been discreet. They were seen together when both They went to get vaccinated against covid-19 in January 2022 and in a broadcast that the now presidential standard bearer made on July 31 of last year in which they sang together Always in my mind of Juan Gabriel, as well as sometimes on one of the balconies of the National Palace during the Independence Cry ceremony.

Sheinbaum has made some public appearances with her boyfriend Jesús María Tarriba. (darkroom)


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