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Simeone: “We must have a fresh head because there are more games than in other times”

“Morata? I’m not going to put myself in a state of victimhood”

MADRID, September 30 (.) –

The coach of Atlético de Madrid, Diego Pablo Simeone, has assured that the only way to recover from the marathon of matches in which the team is immersed is “to rest and have a fresh head”, in addition to emphasizing that there are more matches “than in another time.”

“We have lived with this for many years, remember in our first period, we did not have many replacements and the same ones always played. It is another way to recover, to continue playing. If they do not play on Sunday, they have to train on Monday; it is preferable that they play Rest on Sunday and Monday,” he declared in the press conference prior to this Sunday’s game against Cádiz.

However, he did question the appearance of more international matches. “There are more national team matches than before and they break everything for us, the competitions that continually appear… There are more matches than in other times. We have to find a way from the game, the tactical, the positional and rest. There is no other way way to recover than by resting and having a fresh head to compete again on Sunday, and Wednesday, and again on Sunday,” he indicated.

Regarding fatigue, he assured that they will try to “resolve it in the best way, from a tactical and game perspective.” “Correa is returning, we added one more to our team, and there are the guys who are going to help us and can play, even though we haven’t put some of them in yet. Ilias -Kostis-, Aitor -Gismera- and Salim – are coming. El Jebari – Each one from their place, if they are there it is because they have a chance to play,” he said.

Furthermore, the Argentine coach did not want to reveal whether the Argentine Ángel Correa will be available for the clash against the Andalusians. “I can’t confirm anything because I’m still not sure who is going to start. Ángel participated in the training and finished well,” he stressed.

On the other hand, he did not analyze the expulsion of Álvaro Morata last day nor did he want to assess whether the Madrid attacker is allowed less than others. “I’m not going to put myself in a state of victimhood, this is not the time. Álvaro is doing a great job, the other day he had a great game, he played very well, he competed very well and I hope he can maintain the spirit he had in these two last games, because it was very good,” he expressed.

Finally, Simeone did not seem concerned about the fact that a youth striker has not appeared for the team in a long time. “The guys who are there are there to help the team. The game did not ask for more changes than we understood. Regarding the appearance of forwards from the quarry, there are always good footballers, Camello was there at the time; Riquelme is a forward too, he can play as a forward; I like Salim, let’s hope that if he comes in he can do well,” he concluded.

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