EntertainmentSofía Vergara responds to Kelly Clarkson's envious comments

Sofía Vergara responds to Kelly Clarkson’s envious comments

Sofía Vergara was forced to correct Kelly Clarkson regarding her transformation into Griselda.

The star of Modern Family plays the lead role in a new Netflix drama series about Griselda Blanco, known as the “godmother of cocaine.”

For the series, the Colombian-American actress not only learned to use (fake) cocaine, but also underwent hours of makeup and applying prosthetics to become the character. However, for Clarkson, an American singer and presenter, the result was not impressive.

During the talk about the series, which is now on Netflix, Clarkson noted: “It’s like they just changed your nose or something like that. “I don’t know what they did.”

Vergara, visibly surprised, responded with laughter: “What? You are crazy? ¡[El proceso] It took us hours! That’s envy”.

When Clarkson said the change “seemed slight,” Vergara replied, “It was a big change! They did a thousand things to me! The teeth, the wig, the nose. “There was plastic everywhere.”

Once Vergara made the matter clear, Clarkson noted that the makeup and prosthetics team “did such a good job that it looked real.”

Then, to backtrack, he said, “You could be that same person in other movies, literally. You could have two jobs. You look like a different actress playing the role, and that actress could have a totally different life than you.”

The comical encounter occurred after Vergara spoke about the limitations that her accent poses for her profession.

In statements to Los Angeles Times, the four-time Emmy Award-nominated actress said: “I’m always looking for characters because there aren’t many that I can play with this accent. I can’t play a scientist or appear in Schindler’s List. My work as an actress is somewhat limited.”

Sofía Vergara in the Netflix series, Griselda.


Earlier this month, Vergara responded impeccably to an interviewer who made fun of how she pronounced the name of the hit series Modern Family.

On a Spanish talk show, host Pablo Motos questioned his pronunciation and asked him: “How do you say Modern Family?”

Confused, Vergara asked if she had mispronounced the title and then added bluntly: “Oh, is it because your English is better than mine?”

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