GamesStarfield: Ground vehicles were deliberately left out, but maybe they'll come

Starfield: Ground vehicles were deliberately left out, but maybe they’ll come

Do you want ground vehicles in Starfield? Bethesda has now explained its decision not to initially introduce ground vehicles in Starfield.

At least at launch, because there is apparently still a possibility that they will be added later.

Could come later

As Bethesda’s Todd Howard tells Bloomberg, this allows the developers to guide you more through the game.

“It’s something we’re considering,” he says of the possibility of integrating ground vehicles later.

Further news about Starfield:

“Once you introduce vehicles, the gameplay changes significantly. By focusing on foot travel when you land your ship, we can better control the gameplay experience and the pace at which you discover things.”

“In a way, you already have a vehicle – your spaceship – for interstellar travel,” he adds. “On the surface you have the jetpack, which can be upgraded and is incredibly fun.”

Some fans have expressed a desire for Bethesda to introduce ground vehicles in future DLCs or expansions. At the same time, however, others believe that Starfield’s lack of ground vehicles allows discoveries to be concentrated in a more compact map area.

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