GlobalState creates few casual jobs

State creates few casual jobs

Monterrey Mexico.- Of the total jobs created in October in Nuevo León, only 9.5 percent corresponded to temporary jobs, ranking as the fourth entity with the lowest generation of temporary positions.

According to information from the IMSS, the total balance of temporary positions amounts to 177,934 as of October, a figure higher by 1.4 percent, at an annual rate.

Thus, in the reference month, only five states generated less than 10 percent of temporary positions.

These are Aguascalientes, with 7.8 percent; Chihuahua, with 8.1; Durango, with 8.6; Nuevo León, with 9.5, and Baja California with 9.8 percent. In these states, their main economic activity is manufacturing.

Jorge Omar Moreno, researcher at the UANL Faculty of Economics, pointed out that the low rate of formal employment is due to the fact that those who generate are linked to the industry.

“Nuevo León has been able to create jobs that provide all the benefits and requirements to satisfy the concept of formality, in fact, the Entity is the one that has a high rate of formality in employment at the national level,” he noted.

In contrast, the five states with the highest rate of temporary employment generation in October are Quintana Roo, with 32.8 percent; Baja California Sur, with 30.3; Nayarit, with 27.1; Tabasco, with 24.5, and Campeche with 20.7 percent.

David Cervantes is a Senior Economist at BBVA in Mexico, explained that in Nuevo León in 2020, the employee as a permanent worker earned 12.5 percent more, in real terms, than a temporary worker, while in 2023, the difference is 14.1 percent. hundred more than a possible urban one.

“Permanent jobs have greater access to benefits and greater stability,” he said.

He highlighted that Nuevo León, along with Mexico City and Jalisco, are the main generators of formal employment in the Country.

“The generation in Nuevo León is dynamic and associated with manufacturing employment, it generates 8.8 percent of total employment in the Country,” he stated.

He mentioned that it is not worrying that few temporary jobs are generated, since permanent employment is more preferable.

“Permanent employment has better conditions in all economies and in all countries,” he noted.

He added that casual employment serves as a catalyst for workers who want to improve themselves.

“In October, the interannual growth rate of permanent employment grew 4.7 percent versus 1.4 percent of temporary employment, and that is good, you are generating more permanent employment,” he stated.

He added that although the manufacturing sector drives the generation of formal employment, it has been slowing down so far this year.

He commented that casual employment occurs more in the construction, agricultural, services and commerce sectors.

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