GamesSteam Family replaces the Family Library and can do so much more

Steam Family replaces the Family Library and can do so much more

Steam Family is now available for testing in public beta and offers even more tools for using Steam games in the same household. The new tool completely replaces the Family Library and Family View and provides a central location for your games.

A combined game library for the whole family

Up to six members are possible in a Steam family. All members get access to all shareable games owned by your family members. So there is a large library of all members’ games. Well, almost everyone, because the developers have to decide to participate in the family program. Otherwise, your titles cannot be shared.

Each family member creates their own savegames and can access the titles at any time, even if the owner of the game is online and playing. He’s just not allowed to play the exact same title – unless it’s a second version of the game that’s available in the shared library. You can at least play the games from the Steam family offline.

There are also new options for parental controls. Parents can divide members into “children” and “adults” and the accounts of underage members can be restricted. Access to suitable games can be permitted, shop, community and chat functions can be restricted, playing time limits can be set and playing times can be tracked.

Parents can also temporarily or permanently approve or deny requests for additional play time or access to select features, as well as restore a child’s account if they have lost their password. Children can in turn send purchase requests to their parents so that they can deliver them to Santa Claus.

To test the Steam Family Beta, you must sign up for it. This can be done if you go to “Steam” on the left side of the Steam client, then select “Settings” in the menu, then go to “Interface” and search for “Client Beta Participation” and then “Steam Family Beta”. .

Adults are allowed to leave a Steam family at any time. However, when joining a new family, you must wait at least a year before you can move again. Children cannot leave the Steam family themselves. Parents or Steam Support have to take care of this. Here are all the details about Steam Family.

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