GlobalSurvivor Mexico 2024: Who wins the Individual Immunity Necklace today, March 21?

Survivor Mexico 2024: Who wins the Individual Immunity Necklace today, March 21?

The survivors of Survivor Mexico 2024 face each other for the individual immunity necklace that will keep them safe for a week to prevent them from leaving the program.

According to the spoilers, Survivor Mexico wins the individual immunity necklace Esmeralda Zamora on behalf of the Jaguares team, while Beng Zeng “El Chino” will be the one to take the necklace on behalf of the Falcons team.

However, fans of the survival reality show have to watch the show to find out the real winners, since these spoilers for Survivor México are more vague than those for Exatlón México.

What will happen today in Survivor Mexico?

Things in the two tribes are going to get intense and to start yesterday the Survivor México teams made a decision that could determine the course of what follows in the next chapters: and they sent Toñita and Matías Gruener into exile , which is more intense and challenging than in previous seasons, as explained by Carlos Guerrero “Warrior”, in an interview with La Razón.

Toñita promised to take revenge when she returns, while Matías assured that he offered because he thinks he will motivate his team to win the group immunity totem, since the team that loses will immediately send the person in the group to extinction. exile.

However, John Guts assured that he is not going to fight to save someone on his team, he is determined that he is playing alone and that the others are only the means to achieve his goal of reaching the final and winning the two million. of pesos, but it is worth remembering that the winner is chosen by the public and John, until now, is not loved by the people.

On the part of the Falcons, Toñita believes that she is indispensable in her tribe to play the game, but it turns out that the others are very calm because they forgot the orders that Toñita gives before going to sleep.

Who wins the reward today, March 21, in Survivor Mexico?

Spoilers indicate that the team that wins the reward today in Survivor Mexico is the Jaguar team and apparently it is about money, however, it is unconfirmed information, so fans have to watch tonight’s show.

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