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Sustainable tourism: What are the goals of establishing the Ajloun cable car in Jordan? – . .

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Ajloun cable cars

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Thanks to cable cars, traditional food and clean mountain air, decision-makers and residents of the city of Ajloun in northern Jordan want to promote their region as a center for green tourism in the country, reviving the local economy through financial revenues coming from increasing the number of visitors to the new cable car station in the Ajloun Mountains. .

Since its opening last June, the Ajloun mountain range and its natural reserve have received nearly 300,000 local and foreign visitors, thanks to the cable car station, to enjoy the experience of viewing the mountain slopes and stunning landscapes extending for approximately 20 kilometers, of which the cable car covers 2.5 kilometers, where the first station of the plot begins. The site allocated to the company is within the lands of the Ajloun Development Area, while the second exit station will be near the ancient Ajloun Castle.

But the Ajloun Mountains are particularly vulnerable to disasters caused by climate change, such as landslides and fires due to rising temperatures. Will the new cable car project be environmentally friendly and economically refreshing at the same time?

image source, Ajloun

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Ajloun Mountains in Jordan

Cable cars and eco-tourism

The Jordanian government considers the cable car station project in Ajloun a new environmentally friendly tourism product, as the Jordanian government hopes that this station will “create a diverse tourist destination in the country in record time.”

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