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Take care of green chillies in this way, it will not spoil for two weeks.

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Green chillies are an important part of Indian cuisine without which the meal is considered incomplete. It is often seen that green chillies are brought together in large quantities in homes because it is used a lot. But trouble comes when it does not last long and starts drying or turning red. After a few days, both its color and taste are affected. In such a situation, you need to store it properly so that it can be used for a long time. If you are looking for such a solution then let us tell you about it.
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If you need to store green chillies for more than two weeks, the initial steps will remain the same as we followed for the two-week process. First wash the chillies, break off its stalk, soak it in water and dry it in a paper towel. The real process starts after that. Once your chilli is dry, transfer it to a tray or plate lined with cling film. Wrap cling film in a plate and put all the chillies in it. Now cover it with cling film wrap from above also. After this you have to freeze it in the freezer for a few hours. Now take it out and store it in a freezer safe bag and with the help of a straw you can also remove extra air from that bag.If
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If you have to use green chillies within two weeks, then the method of storing it will also be different. For this you will have to follow these steps. First of all, wash green chillies thoroughly with water and soak them in cold water for half an hour. After this, take them out of water and break their sticks. If there is any chilli which is going bad then remove it or cut it in half and keep only the good part. Now take out the green chillies from water and dry them on paper towel. After this, wrap them in paper tissue and store them in a ziplock bag in the fridge so that the cold of the fridge does not reach it directly. By doing this the chillies will remain fresh for two weeks.

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Suppose you have to store green chilli paste, that too in such a way that just add a little part of that paste to every vegetable and the work is done, then you can adopt this method. Grind the chilli in a blender. There is no need to add anything else to it, just remove the stalk from normal green chilli and make a paste. After this, put it in a tray with cling film in the shape of small or big and freeze it in the freezer. You have to put cling film on it also. After this you leave it like this for a few hours. Then take them out and transfer them to a freezer safe bag and take out the extra air from that bag with the help of a straw. You can store it for a few months and take out as many pieces as you want whenever you want. This way your chilli will last for months and will not spoil.

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To store green chillies for a long time, first wash the green chillies, put them on a cotton cloth and dry them thoroughly so that there is no water left in it. After this, separate the stalk from the chilli. Then wrap the chillies in aluminum foil and keep them in the fridge. This will keep the chillies green and fresh for two weeks. If you want to keep them fresh for a longer time, then wrap the chillies in aluminum foil and keep them in the freezer for two-three hours, then take out these chillies and fill them in an air-tight container and then store them in the fridge.

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