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taliban reopen afghan embassy in india give reason – India Hindi News – First showed arrogance, now Taliban has become restless, why did they have to open closed embassies in India, Desh News

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Ever since the extremist organization Taliban took power in Afghanistan, the life of the people there has become difficult. Due to extremist thinking, many countries of the world have not yet recognized Taliban. India is also one of these countries. Recently, Taliban had closed the Afghan embassies in India saying that they were not getting support from India. Now the Taliban has hit back and announced the opening of the closed Afghan embassy in India. His Deputy Foreign Minister Sher Mohammad Abbas said Afghanistan is dedicated to strengthening its relations with India. We have reopened embassies in Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, Afghanistan’s deputy political minister for foreign affairs, appointed by the Taliban, said in a statement, “Afghanistan is dedicated to strengthening its relations with India. Happy to announce the opening of an Afghan embassy in India The embassy will be managed by eminent Afghan diplomats who will work towards promoting friendly relations between Afghanistan and India and provide appropriate facilities to the Afghan people living in India.”

Taliban capture diplomatic mission in India
The Afghan Embassy also said in a social media post that Afghanistan remains steadfast in its principled stand and expresses its gratitude to the Indian people. We have urged the Indian government to extend visas to help Afghan students, patients and businessmen. The post said, “Taliban has now officially acknowledged taking over the diplomatic mission in India.

Work going on in Mumbai and Hyderabad
Earlier on Wednesday, Khaama Press quoted Abbas Stanikzai as saying that the Afghan consulates in Mumbai and Hyderabad have reopened and started functioning.

had shown arrogance earlier
The Taliban had recently earlier announced the closure of the Afghan embassy in India. The reason behind this was that Taliban had said that they had to do this due to not getting support from the host country. The Taliban had announced on September 30 that they were ceasing operations from October 1.

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