GlobalTechnology, an ally against earthquakes

Technology, an ally against earthquakes

September has become the month in which Mexicans are alert to an earthquake, due to those that occurred on the 19th of that month in 1985, 2017 and 2022, The truth is that it is impossible to predict a natural event of this type and there is only technology capable of helping in planning, response and mitigation of damage.

For Frank Diana, futurist at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Digital twins are a technology that can be key in this type of natural disaster because they allow the generation of a digital, real-time replica of a physical object or process.

The above means that It is possible to model anything, from a body to a city or a planet, and then test situations with catastrophic scenarios and check their possible effects, and recreate the best solutions.

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Digital twins can be the answer in the event of an earthquake in different sectors. This technology helps prevent disasters that natural phenomena would cause, evaluate them, reduce damage and most importantly, it would save many lives,” Diana explained.


Proof of this is that A digital twin can simulate different earthquake scenarios and assess how they could affect critical infrastructure, among which buildings, bridges and roads stand out. In such a way that high risk areas can be identified and preventive measures taken.

Also sensors installed in important structures, such as seismographs, can send data in real time to a digital twin. With this, if seismic movements are detected, the system can alert and provide information about the magnitude and location of the tremor.

*Frank Diana, futurist at Tata Consultancy Services.

Having the above, you can plan efficient emergency responses such as evacuation routes, shelter locations, and available resources.

Diana highlighted that another way to get ahead of the tremors is to use the digital twins when building new infrastructures because it can simulate how they would resist an earthquake.

This can lead to safer designs and the implementation of appropriate construction standards,” confided the TCS futurist.


  • First Aid of the Mexican Red Cross
  • SeismosMX
  • SASSLA Earthquake Monitor
  • DF Seismic Alert


Additionally, there are other technologies that could help people be ready for a natural disaster of this type.

For example, there are applications that issue alerts to warn of the approach of an earthquake such as SkyAlertwhich is very useful in locations where there is no seismic alert.

These usually use the same system as the authorities or have their own network of sensors, so the smartphone starts ringing before the event happens and gives users a few seconds of advantage so they can get to safety. .

Social networks also play a key role because, during the earthquake of September 19, 2017, it only took minutes for people to use these platforms to form brigades. in order to remove debris and help trapped people.

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