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Ten years later, Sedu tells Saltillense that his high school certificate is ‘duck’

After 10 years of having completed his high school studies and with the desire to pursue a second career to expand his tools, a recent graduate of Autonomous University of Coahuila This school year he was faced with the news that his certificate, sealed by the Ministry of Public Education of Coahuilahad no validity whatsoever.

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The story of Rodrigo Casas started in 2014, when he finished his high school studies at the Olimpia Teaching Institute. She encountered a series of bureaucratic procedures to obtain the certification sealed by Sedu, which would endorse his academic level.

It took eight months until I finally got the certificate stamped by them. It was a very long process, and they gave me an appointment to pick it up. The person who helped me assured me that this was the only thing I would need at the University, so I continued without hesitation, since they gave it to me themselves.”remember.

Years after receiving said certificate, Rodrigo completed his undergraduate studies at the University of the Valley of Mexico, which he managed to finish in just over four years without the authenticity of his work being questioned. their previous academic levels.

Almost 10 years later, Rodrigo was accepted into the School of Social Sciences at the Autonomous University of Coahuila. However, in August, when he was about to meet the registration requirements, he was informed that one of the new requirements was to verify the authenticity of his high school certificate, which he could not prove according to the analysis carried out by the UAdeC.


“Given this response, I went to Sedu and they began to investigate their databases and records, but they did not find any record of my certificate. Finally, they informed me that they could not grant authenticity because the certificate was ‘not valid’. I reminded them that it had been the same institution that had given it to me and that it had their seals on it.”said Rodrigo.

After several days of insistence, Rodrigo was informed in the Middle Education building that one of the options was to go back to high school. However, after submitting various letters and requesting investigations, he did not receive any news until he showed up again.

Rodrigo remembers that during his complaint, the Sedu official recognized that the school he had attended was possibly not properly affiliated with the educational body. However, she mentioned that at that time There were up to 100 students enrolled in the school enrollmentwithout any audit being carried out to alert students about the situation.

“I also asked her if my certificate was fake, and the official only said that it was invalid, without confirming that it was fake. At one point they told me that I had nothing more to do, and I responded that they made me lose many years of my life in which I thought my high school was accredited,” Rodrigo said.

After several weeks of insistence, the only action they communicated to Rodrigo was that this situation was not exclusive and that there were other students who had faced similar situations.

Regarding this topic, Daniel Garza, director of Academic Affairs of the Autonomous University of Coahuila, reported that although they are isolated cases, similar situations have been found in the first admissions of students on at least two occasions each semester in recent years.


However, Rodrigo, like many other young people, belonged to a generation in which there was an increase in schools in Saltillo that offered private high school in exchange for a legal certificate with affiliations to the Sedu or the UAdeC, and that now they could face the same situation.

Currently, Rodrigo is waiting for protection that will allow him to continue his studies and that could help cover the time in which the Sedu resolves and gives a response about how their seals appeared on an invalid certificate.

The case has already been reported in the Secretariat of Supervision and Accountability in order to determine if there were irregularities in the public service related to the recognition of these academic levels by high schools.

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