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The antipragmatists

Do you remember that occasion in which a tribe of the party in Government was dissatisfied with the nomination of a public figure linked to the issue of security to the Head of Government of Mexico City?

The confusion cost an Undersecretary of the Interior his job after, at a conference, a journalist asked him if the official in question had been present at the meetings to construct the so-called “historical truth.”

The undersecretary not only affirmed, but also emphasized that he had been in those meetings and in the end, whether or not, the party ended up falling to the aforementioned in the race for the Head of Government of the capital.

If it was as a result of the exhibition at said conference that the party decided to lower the character I was talking about, we will not know. What is certain is that the character’s nomination made evident the existence of a wing or current within the party.

Well, sources within the same political party tell me that those same tribes, who are not satisfied with the pragmatism of winning for the sake of winning even if they have to adopt old adversaries, now intend to remove another politician from the game that they only saw that the ship was going to sink and like a burning rat, they jumped.

I’m talking to you about the former governor of Oaxaca Alejandro Murat, whom the resident of the National Palace has coddled to no end, during his administration and even now, when he no longer even governs.

They tell me that the rumors about her possible change to Morena, an alleged assignment in an embassy or in the Senate and even her demonstrations in favor of the project of the candidate for the Presidency, set off the alerts and all the machinery was already set in motion to marginalize him from the 2024 race, an operation very similar to the one that also operated in CDMX.

The allegations range from irregularities in the public treasury amounting to 1,169 million pesos, to an investigation that was handed over to the Financial Intelligence Unit for money laundering and that was orchestrated in the famous Guelaguetza Auditorium in the Oaxacan capital.

The operation has been crowned by the warning of the current governor of the entity, Salomón Jara Cruz, who assured that there will be no impunity for his predecessor if it is proven that he committed crimes during his mandate.

But behind all this there is a game of defeat between the way of seeing and operating politics from the National Palace and those within the party. That is, a tough and direct confrontation with the prodigal son of Macuspana. Who will win?

In the trunk. “I hereby inform you that there is a shortage of water and towels for drying hands and this is a general issue in the Ministry of the Interior.” So says a e-mail that has circulated these days in the Bucareli offices. The dependency, facing the end of the year or the beginning of the electoral season, does not have paper or water for the most essential. Could it be that this is what they call Franciscan poverty? Could be.

Enough for today, but next Monday… I’ll be back!

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