Entertainment'The Big Bang Theory' actress criticized for her cruel publication

‘The Big Bang Theory’ actress criticized for her cruel publication

The star of The Big Bang TheoryMayim Bialik, received criticism for a video in which she mocks the current conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Many people expressed their anger when they saw that the actress, who hosted the American program Jeopardy Until she was fired in December 2023, she published a video on her social networks where she appeared laughing at comedian Dan Ahdoot’s jokes about the conflict.

Along with the video, which he shared on Monday, January 29, Bialik wrote: “I’m showing you my reaction to @standupdan because he was making me laugh out loud. I thought you should watch this, I really couldn’t hold back my laughter and maybe you guys need Dan Ahdoot to make you laugh like that too!”

However, many now accuse Bialik of making the conflict trivial, when it has caused the death of thousands of people in both territories since the Palestinian military group Hamas launched the most ferocious attack against Israel in October.

Perhaps to prevent negative comments, Bialik blocked X/Twitter social media users from responding.

“Some 30,000 people have died and people are suffering from disease, malnutrition and flooded tents; Yes, it’s funny,” said one person in the midst of the intense criticism that Bialik received.

Journalist David Ehrlich posted: “Truly some of the most disturbing s*** I have ever seen on this or any other website.”

Meanwhile, David Krumholtz, who appeared in Oppenheimer, wrote: “This is disgusting. Children die every day. They take people hostage. Trauma and hatred, increasingly violent, reach unthinkable levels on both sides. And here Blossom can’t stop laughing. DISGUSTING.”

The Independent has contacted Bialik to hear his opinion.

Mayim Bialik shares a post mocking the conflict between Israel and Hamas


On Wednesday, January 31, the Gaza Health Ministry reported that in the past 24 hours, 150 people had been killed in the territory and another 313 wounded, as Israeli forces continued to battle militants.

The north, where entire neighborhoods have been leveled, was the initial target of the Israeli ground offensive in late October. The Israeli military claimed its forces killed more than 15 Hamas militants in northern Gaza in recent days and attacked militant infrastructure at a school.

So far, with these casualties, the number of Palestinian deaths from the Israeli offensive amounts to 26,900, according to the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Health.

The majority of those killed were women and children, although it is not specified whether they were civilians or combatants.

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