TechnologyThe big transfer window in Silicon Valley: who goes to whom?

The big transfer window in Silicon Valley: who goes to whom?

Meta, Google and Salesforce are real talent magnets: more than a fifth of their employees previously worked for another tech giant! Comparatively, Apple and Tesla are far behind.

In the small world of tech, transfers of skills are not rare; as in other sectors of activity, the practice of poaching is rife for the best profiles, but certain companies attract more than others, as demonstrated by a new study by Switch On Business. This is the case of Meta: 26.5% of the social media giant’s current employees come from other digital companies and in particular Microsoft, Google, Amazon and, to a lesser extent, Apple.

Microsoft, a talent pool for Google

Google is second with 24.1% of its workforce having worked in tech. The search engine attracts many former employees of Microsoft, Amazon and IBM. Salesforce, specializing in customer relationship management solutions, has 20.6% of employees having previously worked in another tech company. We then drop below 20% for Nvidia (17.4%), Adobe (14.1%), Microsoft (13.8%), Netflix (13%), Oracle (8%), Apple (5.7%) ) and Tesla (4.7%).

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The study also shows where employees of some of these behemoths are leaving. Meta thus manages to contain departures to the competition, and those who leave go to Google (this is the case for 1,296 of them), Apple (472) and Amazon (407). On the other hand, Microsoft is a real breeding ground for Google with more than 12,000 departures to the search engine, followed by Amazon (6,089) and Meta (4,296).

Solicon Valley Hiring
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It’s fairly balanced at Apple, which hires a lot from Intel, Microsoft and Amazon. In 2019, the computer manufacturer bought the Intel division responsible for developing a cellular chip, which undoubtedly explains the significant influx of profiles. Apple employees go first to Google (3,858), Amazon (1,973) and Meta (1,911).

The study scanned LinkedIn to identify profiles working within these companies.

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