GlobalThe Cultural No. 428

The Cultural No. 428

Juan Domingo Argüelles recounts the “hilarious conversations” he had with the Bing chatbot owned by Microsoft, which reveal the vagueness and errors of these new technologies: an alarming glimpse into the controversial AI. “I ask him ‘how many novels’ did Jorge Luis Borges write and I get the best answer anyone can give in a madhouse. He says that Borges was a prolific Argentine writer, who wrote many books of poetry, short stories and essays, but that ‘there is no clear answer as to how many novels he wrote’, since ‘some sources say that he wrote 51 novels’, while other sources ‘do not mention none,’ says Argüelles. /Art and sport united in hell, by Veka Duncan; The borders of a body, by Pablo Rodríguez; and How I Miss You, Corona Capital, by Carlos Velázquez, complete the dossier. And more…

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