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The culture-school balance is weakened: are we moving towards shows that are more educational than artistic?

The success of Thomas Gunzig at the last Young Audience Theater Meetings

Requests from specific schools

Some programmers have already received requests from schools for shows that meet the program imposed on them by the Education decree. “The step towards ordering shows with an educational vocation is therefore taken even before the adoption of the broadcasting decree” declares the CTEJ.

Since the child is considered a captive audience, it is important to attribute a label of artistic quality to the shows offered to them. Which is currently the case. This is evidenced by the reputation of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation’s intra- and extra-mural theater for young audiences. To judge the quality of these shows, there is a School Shows commission, with a balanced representation of public authorities, education and the artistic world.

The challenge of theater for young audiences

Culture accessible to as many people as possible

For her part, the Minister of Culture, Bénédicte Linard (Ecolo), recalls that since the start of her mandate, her objective has been to make culture ever more accessible to as many people as possible, from a very young age. Via, among others, all the shows bearing the “Shows at school” label. “This is also the case for school broadcasting, it is for this reason that the broadcasting decree is linked to the Peca system, in order to reach students more and better, where they are, by offering them shows of quality coming from our Wallonia-Brussels Federation.“, underlines the minister. “Let us also emphasize the fact that the decree introduces provisions aimed at recognizing and financing showcases (eg: the Rencontres jeunesse public de Huy, ProPulse and others), with common specifications. In conclusion, the implementation of Peca and the dissemination decree will allow our artists to continue their creative work and make it increasingly visible, throughout the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, for the benefit of the public.

Audacity very present in theater for young audiences

Other points of disagreement exist, among others regarding the representativeness of the artistic community within the selection committees.

Time will tell us who is right. It is certain, and covid has cruelly reminded us, that artistic creation remains fragile and difficult to defend, that certain programmers already favor, for economic reasons, more “comfortable” shows for schools, involving less artistic audacity. , and that certain new “orders” for educational shows could come in, in order to meet the requirements of Peca, which of course remains a more than laudable initiative.

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