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The Earth receives a mysterious signal from a cosmic ray from a distant galaxy

In the midst of the research that scientists carry out to understand the origin of rays cosmicrecently A group of researchers detected something extraordinary while observing the night sky that surprised them.

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This group of experts managed to detect an extremely rare and very high energy particle that they believe traveled to Earth from beyond the Milky Wayapproximately 16 million kilometers away and which they immediately identified as a laser message.

According to scientists, The energy of this subatomic particle, invisible to the naked eye, is equivalent to dropping a brick on your toe from waist height. according to new research published in the journal Science.

The detection of this cosmic ray was achieved thanks to an experiment known as Deep Space Optical Communications, (DSOC, for its acronym in English). In turn, it is the NASA Psyche spacecraft to which we owe the successful work.

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The message was produced using an infrared laser that lies at a distance of almost 16 million kilometers. This is equivalent to a distance 40 times larger than that between the Moon and the Earth.

The exact origins of these high-energy particles are still unclear, although they could be related to most energetic phenomena in the universe, such as black holes, gamma ray bursts and active galactic nuclei, but the largest discovered so far seem to originate in voids or empty spaces, where violent celestial phenomena do not occur.

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