GlobalThe Electoral Court of El Salvador confirms Nayib Bukele's re-election candidacy

The Electoral Court of El Salvador confirms Nayib Bukele’s re-election candidacy

Nayib Bukele’s controversial aspiration for re-election became firm on Wednesday with the decision of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of El Salvador to reject the latest appeals that alleged that his presidential candidacy violates the Constitution and that asked to cancel his subscription.

The lawyers Salvador Enrique Anaya and José Marinero, as well as the president of the conservative party Nuestro Tiempo, Andy Failer, presented appeals for review to the electoral court (TSE) against the confirmation of the candidacy of the still president, but both initiatives were rejected, according to reports. the organization reported.

On November 7, the same plaintiffs had requested the annulment of President Bukele’s registration, alleging that there are six articles of the Constitution that prohibit immediate presidential re-election. Their claims were also rejected.

The Salvadoran president, who enjoys high popularity, registered on October 27 to seek the presidency again and hours later, the electoral authority issued its opinion in favor with four votes and one abstention to allow the participation of the presidential formula of the New Ideas party.

According to a message published then by the electoral court on X, formerly known as Twitter, the candidacy of Bukele and his vice presidential candidate Félix Ulloa met “the legal requirements.”

Although the Constitution prohibits presidential re-election, the Supreme Court of Justice determined in 2021 that the president can participate in the elections for the second time and that it would be the people who make the decision.

According to that resolution, Bukele must request a six-month “leave” before the end of his term to participate in the presidential race.

To replace him, the president must propose a shortlist to Congress with possible appointees. The first of them would assume the Presidency during that six-month period. “Surely, we are going to do this process in the last plenary session in November,” the head of the Legislative Assembly, Ernesto Castro, told reporters on Tuesday.

“The Constitution does not talk about asking for permission or anything, it is copying what Brigadier General Maximiliano Hernández Martínez did in 1935; He also asked for permission and left the Presidency in trust with another soldier and then they elected him,” questioned lawyer Anaya, one of the staunch opponents of Bukele’s candidacy.

According to the most recent surveys, 70.8% of the population approves of Bukele’s government, 72.6% believe that the president’s image has improved, 97.7% think that violence has decreased and 81.8% % that the emergency regime has helped a lot to control crime rates.

The presidential and legislative elections of February 24, 2024 will feature new features such as the exercise of active and passive suffrage abroad, through remote internet voting and in-person electronic voting.

A total of 6.1 million Salvadorans are eligible to participate in the elections, including thousands who live abroad, who may also run for public office.

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