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The fear of Covid is over! Study claims no difference between Long COVID and Flu. Is Long COVID Just Like the Flu? Australian Study Suggestions | . News

A study led by Dr John Gerrard, Chief Health Officer of the Queensland Department of Health, has found that Long COVID is similar to the complications following any respiratory illness such as flu. The study found that the problems faced by people till one year after Covid are no more serious than the problems faced by any other disease.
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Use of the term “Long COVID” should be stopped

Dr. Gerard says the use of the term “(Long COVID)” should be stopped because it creates unnecessary anxiety among people. He said that the symptoms that remain in some people after Covid are real, but these symptoms can occur not only after Covid but also after any other respiratory disease.

The study included 5112 people, half of whom had Covid, some had flu and some had no disease. After one year, these people were asked about their health. About 16% of people still had some symptoms, but only 3.6% of these people were having problems with daily activities.

The study found that people who had Covid were just as likely to have longer symptoms as those who had the flu. Symptoms such as fatigue, slowing down of the brain and changes in taste and smell were found in both groups.
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Use of the term “Long COVID” may create fear among people

Dr. Gerard believes that the use of the term (Long COVID) can create fear among people and may make it difficult to understand these symptoms. He also admitted that there are some shortcomings in his research, but overall this study shows that some people may have problems after Covid, but it is not much different from the problems after diseases like flu.

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