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‘The future is orange, we are going for a new Mexico’, says Samuel García

Within the framework of the Second Report of the Orange Caucus, Samuel García Sepúlvedapre-candidate for the Citizen Movement (MC) for the Presidency of the Republic, assured that The future is orange for a new Mexico.

There in the grounds of Roberto Cantoral Theaterwhere the so-called Deputies and Senators of the Orange Caucus went, the emecista was chanted again: “President, President”.

Garcia Sepúlveda was accompanied by Mariana Rodríguez Cantúfrom AMAR to Nuevo León; Dante Delgadonational leader of the Citizen Movement.

In addition, mayors, councilors, activists and Citizen Movement sympathizers.

“AND Today I have nothing left to say but that there is no bad fifth. We did it in 2012, we grew in 2015, in 2018 we doubled, in 2021 we already govern the two most important states in Mexico and the three capitals.

“Now the greatest challenge continues, the main one, we are going to win the Presidency of the Republic, we are going to win and be the first force in the Chamber of Senators, the first force in the Chamber of Deputies, in the local congresses, Mexico City , with (Solomon) Chertorivskycontinue being the government in Jalisco with (Pablo) Lemusand let’s go as it says (Jorge) Máynez for that New Mexico or that new Mexico,” said García Sepúlveda.

One day after registering for the presidential candidacy for Movimiento Ciudadano, Samuel García received unconditional support with a encouraging outlook to run on the ballot in 2024.

In this internal competition to choose the orange standard bearer, García Sepúlveda leads the confrontations against seven candidates from his party.

“We want as New Lion have the necessary votes for a new Constitution according to the new times, we want a new tax agreement that respects the states, a new federalismnew laws that have that ecological matter, the environment, rights, freedoms.

“If in two years battling with ‘PRIAN’ from Nuevo León We brought Tesla, imagine what we are going to do with Congress in favor and governing this beautiful country, our Mexico,” he said. Samuel Garcia.

At the close of the emotional day, the coordinator of the Orange Bench in San Lazaro, Jorge Álvarez Máynezconfirmed the encouraging outlook ahead of the elections.

“With you Samuel we are going to go together to the most important battle of the Citizen Movement. We will take Samuel García and Mariana Rodríguez to victory“We are unstoppable!” expressed Jorge Máynez.


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