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The Gaza War: “Cracked” relations between the Muslim and Jewish communities, and the yellow star is a “cheap provocation” – British and Israeli newspapers – . .

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As international newspapers, including British and Israeli newspapers, continue to pay attention to the ongoing war in Gaza, today we stop at three articles.

The first is an article by journalist Raymonda Ali in the British newspaper The Guardian, in which she says at the beginning that “the rift that has struck the relations of the Muslim and Jewish communities in Britain in particular, and in the world as a whole, is one of the casualties of the war in Gaza.”

It expresses its fear that this rift will lead to “the erosion of concern for protecting religious relations between sects, which threatens to fuel an already severe wave of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.”

Consequences of war

Raymonda points to some examples of incidents that actually occurred after the war. Of which:

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