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‘The law is not enough to defend us’, women look for tools to feel safe

In a context of violence in which 11 women are murdered every day and that, according to figures from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP), from January to September 2023 They registered 6 thousand 109 cases of sexual abuse, women have chosen to look for tools to defend themselves or feel safer; However, it can be counterproductive go from being victims to victimizers.

The media The universal interviewed the rapper Dayra Fyah already Dayra Borundaa feminist lawyer, both activists and self-defense instructors, who explained five principles that women can use in a risky situation.

Just in the last few months, women in social networks have reported having been victims of different types of violence, from verbal, physical, sexual attacks (such as touching, showing genitals without consent, masturbation, or ejaculation on clothing), kidnapping, kidnappinguntil feminicide.

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In court, not all of these actions are considered crime and when doing a complaint against women They encounter obstacles, such as the absence of evidence, explained the lawyer Dayra Borunda.

“The law is not enough for us to defend ourselves legally or physically and it does not protect us. The legislation in Mexico is: ‘did he hurt you, did he hurt you, did he hit you?’, right? “He didn’t do anything to you,’ but it does not contemplate other types of sexual abuse that may not harm physically, but may harm the integrity of women.”explained the black belt lawyer in martial artswho of being a victim of a assault and if she defended herself she would be considered a “White weapon”.

For this reason, women are educated in Self Defense to know the strength of their body or buy some accessory such as chile gas, teaser, kubotanfor gain time, hit the aggressor or break the car glass when they don’t let them go down. The problem is that this type of articles or even be black tape in martial arts can cause women to be accused of a premeditated crime.

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“If you carry an instrument like this, the judges can say that you came prepared to attack a person and the use of any of these items when defending yourself could be considered premeditation. As a lawyer I would tell you not to use them; However, I would rather get you out of jail than out of a ditch.” he claimed.

The lawyer criticized that it is not judged from a gender perspective, since this leaves women vulnerable in a context, in which, according to Maria de la Luz Estradadirector of National Citizen Observatory of Femicide in Mexicowomen are not considered subjects of law, “They objectify us, trash us, crucify and mistreat our bodies because they dehumanize us”.

For Estrada there are big gaps in informationas well as in its treatment and begin from how the crime is classified, to the omission of the authorities to not recording a fact and comply with certain parametersalso the influence of power of some aggressors who intimidate victims.

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“We are looking for ways to defend ourselves and I think it is good because they are tools that we must have, but the contexts are very complex; We demand that this responsibility for self-care does not fall on us. For example, if they drug me I won’t be able to defend myself no matter how much I know how to do it. “Women are doing things to prevent, but we need public policies”denounced the director of the observatory.

For its part, Dayra Fyah explained that it is important to know the risks involved in knowing fend with any of these accessories, know them if you are going to use them or for supply them. “For example, instead of an iron fist you can use your keys or a pen, but always keep in mind that it is impossible to know how we are going to react in a dangerous situation.”

The activists explained the differences between personal defense and self defense. The first entails physical techniques, while the second teaches you to be prepared. “Self-defense is not only blows, but the use of the voice, establishing limits, moving away from a situation that puts us in danger”declared Dayra Borunda.

Regarding the five steps of the self defenseexplained that They are not linear or immovabledepend on the situation we find ourselves in: “First analyze your space, use your voice, get out of the situation, fight and seek support”.

(With information from El Universal)

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