GlobalThe Mexican National Team draws against Uzbekistan

The Mexican National Team draws against Uzbekistan

Mexico continues to leave doubts in its actions after drawing 3-3 tonight in a friendly against Uzbekistan at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Although there are only two games for Jaime Lozano, The Aztec painting is not found in the fieldand this Tuesday, unlike the game against Australia, he was not as incisive when it came to attacking.

Mexico started the match as in the previous match, dominating the rival, with ball control and attempted finishes with Orbelín Pineda, César Huerta, Roberto Alvarado and Raúl Jiménez, but without worrying the Asians’ goal.

However, Uzbekistan surprised the Aztec team when they took the lead on the scoreboard in the 18th minutethe product of a header by Bobur Abdikholikov between two Mexican defenders and which Memo Ochoa was unable to save.

But Mexico did not let much time pass for the tie, which reached the 21st with Raúl Jiménez who took a ball from a failed shot by Alvarado.

The tricolor control was present, just as with Australia, but without clarity and effectiveness at the forefront. The Mexicans trying to show off in a game in which nothing is at stake and, on the contrary, their shortcomings came to light.

But Uzbekistan, without much, took the lead again with a mid-range shot by Azizbek Turgunboev, at 45, in which the Mexican defense was lost on the mark.

For the complementary game, Mexico continued to control the game, but still lacked forcefulness. Not even with the entry of Jordy Cortizo, Uriel Antuna, or Charly Rodríguez did the situation change.

It was not until the 80th minute when El Tri achieved a two-goal tie.when a defensive error left the ball to Jiménez, who only pumped the ball in front of the Uzbek goalkeeper.

The third goal was circumstantial, because after a personal play by Jiménez, the rival defense tried to clear, but Antuna stretched his foot and the ball went into the back of the net.

And minutes later a big mistake by Memo Ochoa caused Uzbekistan’s third goal in a free kick from

Preparation match that left more doubts, particularly in defense, where lack of coordination caused Uzbek goals.

“Jimmy” Lozano will have to work and form a team that is capable of defining and coming together, otherwise there is no future for him.

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