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The one who raised the flag of Pakistan, told at the time of death – biggest mistake of life

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March 23, 1940, is remembered in the history of the subcontinent as a day when destiny was written for Pakistan. The leader of the Muslim League had raised his flag to demand a separate country for Muslims, separate from India, Pakistan. For a decade, leaders fought political battles on tables and people played bloody Holi on the ground over the demand for a separate Pakistan. In the name of ‘Direct Action Day’, at the behest of the politician who killed thousands of people in Calcutta (now Kolkata), and when his death came, Pakistan was told the biggest mistake of his life in his last moments.

In the last moment, Jinnah accepted Pakistan as the biggest mistake
Yes, we are talking about Mohammad Ali Jinnah who was the flag bearer to make Pakistan separate from India. In the days of his youth, the barrister with suit boot tie used to be a staunch atheist, but as he approached his death, he started harassing the interests of Muslims. The person whose politics used to be attended by thousands and lakhs of people, ended completely in oblivion. In his last days, Jinnah was living the life of a desperate and hopeless person. It was not even 13 months after the formation of Pakistan that Jinnah, who was suffering from illness, said goodbye to the world and while leaving the world, he said such a thing which he would have known during his life, perhaps today something else will be in the history books. Would have been written

During Jinnah’s last time, his lieutenant colonel Dr. Elahi Baksh had written this thing in his diary (With the Quaid-i-Azam During His Last Days). Citing this diary, he gave shape to many books which are banned in Pakistan today. Apart from the ideas of Jinnah, the leaders of India had laid the foundation of an ideal country apart from Jinnah by creating a secular nation, but Jinnah kept rejecting all these ideas with his arguments and arbitrariness. Started giving shape to Pakistan.

He was an advocate of Hindu-Muslim unity in the early days.
There is no doubt that today Jinnah’s image is that of a fundamentalist leader who committed the ‘crime’ of partitioning India. But Jinnah’s image in his early days was just the opposite. He was considered a fierce nationalist and Bharat Kokila Sarojini Naidu used to call him as a symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity. He was the guru brother of Mahatma Gandhi. Like Mahatma Gandhi, he was a disciple of Gopal Krishna Gokhale. It is said that he joined the Muslim League in London in 1913 only at the behest of Gokhale. The demand for Pakistan was not his motive in the initial days. His aim was to accelerate the national movement by bringing the Muslim League closer to the Congress.

It is the irony of history that such a nationalist leader would eventually resort to the bloody game of ‘Direct Action’ to create a theocratic nation. After this, even if he dreams of making Pakistan a secular nation, it will have no meaning. The same thing could have happened to a nation built on the foundation of hatred, which is happening there today. Today, on Pakistan Day, Jinnah’s Pakistan is facing financial crisis and political anarchy. Deep in debt, Pakistan is begging on international forums with a bowl.

death in oblivion
In the last moments, Mohammad Ali Jinnah was seen living a life of oblivion. The Jinnah who fought the biggest battle of his life for Pakistan, Pakistan left him at the last moment. It is said that a person is most correct at the last moment. In the last phase of his life, he came to know about this and he said that Pakistan was the biggest mistake of his life.

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