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‘The President wants to fool us’; Riva Palacio calls simulation to deliver AMLO’s command

CDMX.- The delivery of the “baton of command” to the winner of Morena’s internal contest is nothing more than an act of simulation by the art of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, asserts Raymundo Riva Palacio noting that the President He has never given up power and will not do so now because it would be “suicide” for him.

Morena will announce today the results of the survey to elect the coordinator of the defense committees of the fourth transformation, an event in which The president, he said, will hand over the “baton of command” to the winner, as a symbolic display of the delegation of power.

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In his article today, The journalist asserts that it is nothing more than a “joke” on the part of the Tabasco nativewho “has never given up power, why would he do it now?”

“López Obrador wants to fool us. “He cannot hand over political control of what happens in the next 10 months to anyone who wins the poll, because he would leave everything in the hands of third parties, something he has never done,” refers.

The President has stated on previous occasions that after concluding his term he will retire from politics and in that context this Monday he assured that he was ready to hand over control to his successor. However, there are those who, like political scientist Benito Nacif, assure that he will maintain control in Morena and will give limited power to his winning “corcholata.”

In his analysis today, Riva Palacio also questions what the Tabasco native said: “Does anyone believe that López Obrador will, in fact, hand over control to the person he hopes will succeed him? I don’t”.

The main reason for the editorialist’s disbelief is Obrador’s need for recognition and his ambition to transcend in history alongside the nation’s great heroes.

Since he was young, in Tabasco, López Obrador always sought recognition. Since then, according to people who know him, it bothered him that they didn’t recognize him…

“This recognition is the placenta of his ambition to transcend and that his image is not only incorporated along with the great heroes of the Nation, as his morning propaganda does, but that he is actually considered in History with that stature”he explains.

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Added to this, Riva Palacio adds, is that AMLO’s favorite to succeed him, the former head of Government Claudia Sheinbaum, who is expected to be the winner of the Morenoist race, lacks the capacity to take political control of the movement.:

“Although she is ideologically committed to the project and her loyalty is missile-proof, The size has not been seen to have political control of the movementbecause the strength and charisma of López Obrador is not transferred by osmosis.”

For this reason, the journalist assures that The handover of control and power will not be full, as AMLO has said, as it would be “suicide.” since “the presidential campaign, the eventual victory and its significance depend on the political control of his movement.”

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