GlobalThe salary crisis affects Espinosa; theater of the Veracruzana University

The salary crisis affects Espinosa; theater of the Veracruzana University

The struggles between antagonistic groups within the Universidad Veracruzana were evident after the changes made in the Cultural Diffusion area and the directions of the artistic groups; issue that in 2023 faced a crisis over salaries, which was not resolved and which “burst” in this first half of March.

For the Theater Organization of the University of Veracruzana (ORTEUV) He was hired Mario Espinosa Ricalde (1958), who, after saying goodbye to UNAM University Theater Center (CUT)since he retired, was insistently sought to lead the ORTEUVwhose prestige is supported by more than 70 years on the university scene.

Espinosa Ricalde arrived and was presented as a valuable acquisition last March 1; But, as the first fortnight passed, there was a complaint from the academic when he observed that his salary did not correspond to the position conferred on him.

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When he complained, they informed him that there was no more and that this was the corresponding payment; despite the history that other hired directors were respected with salaries and benefits that were not validated for the theater teacher.

The claim reached the academic body, which yesterday met with Mario Espinosafor whom the majority voted to remain in the leadership of the ORTEUV with at least 20 votes; while the people with whom they made up a shortlist only achieved between 3 and 5 votes. Those who voted for Espinosa, they pointed out, did so convinced that it is about the quality they will offer to the student community.

*The Theater Organization of the Universidad Veracruzana has more than 70 years of experience.

However, the ultimatum is that he would stay, but with the same salary that they already paid him in this first fortnight, without considering his career and resume. There are those who assured that this position is due to the fact that they seek to accommodate another prospect.

For the family of the experienced artistic and opera director, it is “a lack of tact” on the part of the Universidad Veracruzana to have insisted that he be part of the UV if he would not be given a decent place. “This is not about money. “It is about recognition and dignity, which they are not giving,” they lamented.

It is worth mentioning that in March 2023, the Directorate of Cultural Diffusion faced a crisis with artistic groups about the issue of salaries. The then director, Alfonso Colorado, admitted that there were problems due to the limited resources they had.

The Universidad Veracruzana has had to fight for the budget that corresponds to it, which constitutionally is 4 percent of the total that is for the state of Veracruz, which the current authorities refuse to recognize.



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