GlobalThe Squid Game became a reality show based on the Netflix series

The Squid Game became a reality show based on the Netflix series

MEXICO CITY (approx). – The Squid Game escaped fiction and became an interactive game on Netflix. It is a game show called The Squid Game: the challenge that brings together 456 participants who compete for a reward of 4.56 million dollars.

The game consists of undergoing survival games inspired by the original production, facing extreme conditions, from sub-zero temperatures, injuries, to physical tests that required medical assistance.

The show, produced by Studio Lambert and The Garden in the United Kingdom, replicates some of the South Korean drama’s most iconic challenges, such as “Red Light, Green Light.”

Fortunately, death is not part of the variables, and errors are claimed with an explosion of ink packets carried on their bodies, which means immediate elimination.

The risk of fatality is clearly lower, it has not been without criticism and controversy. According to statements obtained by The Hollywood Reporter and Rolling Stone, complaints were reported from contestants due to the grueling conditions during filming.

Some accused the program of being a “setup” with already predicted results.

“More than a competition, it was actually a television show, and basically we were the extras,” explained one of the interviewees.

A franchise yet to be exploited

The new title comes after the phenomenal reception of the original work, which was positioned as the most viewed in the history of the platform in 2021.

The plot focused on Gi-Hun, a character mired in misery and unemployment who is involved in a deadly tournament, symbolizing the tensions and desperations in a society governed by socioeconomic power. The series’ great influence on popular culture prompted a second season, where key figures such as The Leader will be further explored.

Described as a “massive social experiment,” The Squid Game: The Challenge has just been added to the Netflix catalog, promising to be an experience that will lead viewers to question the limits of what humans are willing to do for a reward. millionaire

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