GlobalThe women are 'first class': AMLO; defends shortlist for SCJN

The women are ‘first class’: AMLO; defends shortlist for SCJN

Faced with criticism from the opposition, the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador He came out in defense of the three women he proposed to replace the former minister of the Supreme CourtArturo Zaldivar, Maria Estela Rios, Lenia Batres and Bertha Alcaldewho “are first class” and guarantee impartiality.

I have never advocated for a person from a shortlist that was sentI didn’t like the simulation, to say there’s the shortlist for you but the one I consider most convenient is this partner or this partner, no, no, anyone and let those who are responsible decide and all three are first class. Of course our adversaries think differently and we respect them,” he stated. AMLO.

However, AMLO said It will be the Senate in a qualified majority vote, which decides whether to approve or reject the profiles sent to fill the position left vacant by Zaldívar Lelo de Larrea, who joined the campaign of Morena’s presidential candidate, Claudia Sheinbaum.

“This is a democracy and there are freedoms, if the Senate is going to decide, there are a series of legal requirements, the three proposals meet the requirements, the three lawyers meet the requirements of the law, and according to the procedure they will be the senators, senators are the ones who are going to decide, even in this case it is at the polls, it is a secret vote,” he added. AMLO.

At the morning press conference, AMLO He highlighted one by one the capabilities of the women he proposed to occupy the position of minister in the Court.

From the case of Estela Ríos, AMLO She said that she was a legal advisor when she was head of the CDMX Government, and was in his defense for the San Juan property in Iztapalapa, as well as in the violation of immunity to which he was subjected in the El Encino case.

AMLO He indicated that in the case of Lenia Batres, she is a lawyer and comes from a family that has fought for democracy for many years, “when fighting in the opposition was risking one’s life.”

AMLO He added that “how am I not going to have confidence in Lenia, there is no way that she is going to go to the Supreme Court to protect foreign companies in the oil or electricity sector like those who are there do, no, she has another training.”

And the same from Bertha Alcalde, who is a first-class lawyer who has carried out all the cleanup of corruption in Cofepris, which in the past became a “loot” for many with the granting of licenses for medicines.

“She was already clean with an extraordinary young doctor, Alejandro Svarch, nothing like those who were there, honest people, Bertha is incorruptible,” he concluded.


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