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Chandigarh, 19 December

Haryana could not get its ‘state song’ in the winter session of the Assembly. After the retrenchment by the government, the ruling party and opposition MLAs could not reach a consensus regarding the three songs placed in the House. Some objected to some words of the existing three songs, some did not agree with the tune and music, while others asked for the help of professionals. It was unanimously decided in the House to form an assembly committee to finalize the state song.

Speaker Gyan Chand Gupta, after the consent of the MLAs of all parties, announced a committee of five MLAs under the chairmanship of BJP MLA from Kosli Laxman Singh Yadav. Bawanikheda MLA Bishamber Valmiki, Jhajjar MLA Geeta Bhukkal, NIT MLA Neeraj Sharma and JJP’s Barwala MLA Jogi Ram Sihag have been included as members in the committee. First Bishamber Valmiki was made the chairman of the committee. Meanwhile, accepting the request of Deputy CM Dushyant Chautala, the Speaker gave permission to Laxman Yadav to sing a song in the House. Laxman Yadav has sung the song of the movie Kesari – ‘Talvaron par sar var diye, angaron mein jism jalaya hai’. Then we have applied this saffron tilak on the head…’, narrated. After hearing this, Chief Minister Manohar Lal suggested that Laxman Yadav should be made the chairman. Then his name was unanimously approved.

After lunch break, Speaker Gyan Chand Gupta sought written opinion of all the MLAs to finalize the state song. Three songs were played in the House on the first day of the session on Friday. Its written versions were also given to all the MLAs. Rohtak MLA BB Batra said that the singers of these songs are not good. The rhythm of the music is not right as per the state song. It should be recorded by a professional. Background music should also be as per the state song and should be a female voice. Deputy CM Dushyant Chautala said, first copies of the three songs should be given to the members. When the speaker said that the copy had been given on Friday, Dushyant Chautala said, I do not have it. Gohana MLA Jagbir Singh Malik said that there is scope for further improvement in this. Bibi Batra suggested forming a House committee. Also, he said that the state anthem will be made only once. it should be fine. Some MLAs suggested making a song of Haryana on the lines of the national song and the music of the national anthem.

Chief Minister Manohar Lal said, the state song cannot be taken on the lines of national anthem. The national anthem and national anthem have their place. The state song is for the cultural specialty of Haryana. Our attempt is to start a tradition. So far fourteen states have their own state songs. Bawanikheda MLA Bishamber Valmiki said, this is my subject. I have listened to all three songs and the first one is the best. Former CM and opposition leader Bhupendra Singh Hooda also described the song ‘K’ as the best and said that there is a need to change some words in it. For example, there is a word – ‘Gauri Naar’, then where will ‘Kali Naar’ go. There should be only Nar instead of Gauri or Kali. Tosham MLA Kiran Chaudhary said that in this song there is mention of electricity coming to every village, whereas electricity had come in the state only in 1970. Home Minister Anil Vij also described the first song as the best and said that all religions are mentioned in it, but not Sikhism. It should be studied by forming a committee so that no section is deprived of participating in it. If Holi, Diwali and Teej are mentioned then Guru Parva should also be mentioned. NIT MLA Neeraj Sharma said that the song mentions Kurukshetra, the place where Geeta preaches. Along with this, Brijbhoomi should also be mentioned. Dabwali MLA Amit Sihag suggested that instead of limiting it to ninety members of the assembly, suggestions should be taken from all the people of the state for a month. The assembly should take a decision after the suggestions. Ambala City MLA Aseem Goyal said that there is a big culture of Ragini in Haryana. In such a situation, the state song should have Haryanvi color and flavour. Similarly, Guhla MLA Ishwar Singh, Sonipat MLA Surendra Panwar and Mohammad Ilyas also gave their respective suggestions.

Committee will be able to take opinion from anyone

Speaker Gyan Chand Gupta, while announcing the formation of a committee of five MLAs under the chairmanship of Laxman Singh Yadav, said that this committee will also discuss among themselves regarding the three songs. Can talk to anyone including common people, music experts, writers, musicians. The committee will submit its report in a month. The committee will have to compose and submit only three songs. Any one of these will be given the status of state song.

One of these had to be selected

First: ‘Jai Jai, Jai Haryana, holy land of Vedas.

Where Hari Ka Aana happened, Jai-Jai Haryana…’.

Second: ‘Jai Veer Dhara, Jai Dheer Dhara, Jai Neer Dhara Haryana.

Jai Hari Dhara, Jai Vasundhara, Jai Harit Desh Haryana…’.

Third: ‘Jai Haryana, Jai Haryana, Jai your Haryana, the story of your glory is described in the Vedas and Puranas, you are called the Ganga of knowledge, the origin of Saraswati, Jai Haryana…’.

(Note: However, there will be amendments in all three songs. The assembly committee will make three new songs and give its report to the Speaker)

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