TechnologyThese are the top 200 common passwords of 2023, if your password...

These are the top 200 common passwords of 2023, if your password is in this list then change it immediately.

The password ‘123456’ was the most used password in 2023. Every year a password management company releases a list of the 200 most common passwords used in the world and this year’s list also featured those passwords which make their place in the list almost every year. This shows how much ignorance there still is among people about cyber security. Let us tell you, according to the data, it will take less than 1 second to crack this top password. Similarly, ‘admin’, ‘12345678’, ‘123456789’, ‘passowrd’, ‘123’ etc. are the other top 10 passwords which were used by millions of people this year.

NordPass’s list of ‘Most Common Password of 2023’ has been released, in which the most weak and common password at the top was ‘123456’. This password was used 4,524,867 times. Not only this, data shows that it will take less than 1 second for hackers to crack this password. Similarly, ‘admin’ password was at second place in the list of top 200.

At the same time, ‘12345678’ was at third place, ‘123456789’ was at fourth place, ‘1234’ was at fifth place and ‘12345’ was at sixth place. It will take less than 1 second to crack all of these. All of these have been used by millions of people. You will be surprised to know the seventh number password, because ‘password’ is included in this password used almost 7 lakh times. The three passwords remaining in the top 10 include ‘123’, ‘Aa123456’ and ‘1234567890’.

Apart from these passwords, some other passwords are also included in the top 10 list in India, which include Pass@123, Admin@123 and India@123. Cracking these passwords can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 year.

NordPass’ research shows, and we pretty much know, that people use simple and easy-to-remember passwords because they’re convenient for them. This research also shows that even the most easily remembered passwords are highly susceptible to cracking.

In this research, passwords were also divided according to categories, which revealed that ‘123456’ was most used on e-commerce platforms, email and streaming. At the same time, UNKNOWN was used the most on social media, smartphones and financial platforms.

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