GlobalThey follow up on fraud in Fovissste credits in La Laguna

They follow up on fraud in Fovissste credits in La Laguna

The review of fraud in Fovissste loans that were granted in the lagoon region several years ago continues, where there were construction companies that offered homes to workers on properties that remain vacant.

César Buenrostro Moreno, executive member of Fovissste at the national level, pointed out that in Gómez Palacio eight months ago, in Quintas II, the credits were settled, where the land remains vacant, that is, the homes were never built. He recalled that this was for the company Graciano y Asociados (Gyasa). There were just over a thousand teachers who were defrauded in 2008, as they acquired credits and the construction was not completed, the cost of each supposed house was 534 thousand pesos, above 550 million pesos in total.

The fraud was against Fovissste and HSBC, because a bridge loan was requested. The official indicated that there are criminal complaints against this person, but some have already expired due to the time that has passed since the fraud.

“We don’t know where this person is, if he exists, if he doesn’t exist, what happened to him,” he said, referring to company representatives.

Buenrostro Moreno explained that, after these frauds with pre-sales in the Fovissste credit, the fund stopped granting this benefit, that is, the home must be finished to be sure that the worker receives it.

He said that this year has been a slow placement due to various circumstances, some beyond Fovissste. He noted that there is a very low housing inventory across the country, although there are several developments currently under construction, so these homes are expected to be available next year.

He indicated that inflation also raised construction costs, the cost of housing increased, and in Fovissste the calls for applications ended, there are no longer raffles, it is continuous registration, which has led them to have a readjustment process in their system .

This year it is estimated to close between 38 thousand and 40 thousand loans, below last year, when there were around 50 thousand.

“Our goal was around 50 thousand, but we are not going to be able to meet it because of those obstacles that I mentioned.”

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