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They invite people who prune their trees to give the branches and leaves to create compost

Juarez City.- Branches and leaves of trees are converted into compost by personnel from the Department of Parks and Gardens, material that is used to improve the vegetation in different parts of the city, announced the head of the department, Daniel Iván Zamarrón Saldaña.

He indicated that the pruning branches that the crews collect during daily work are processed at the El Chamizal collection center.

The official explained that the process to make compost is to mix the crushed branches with soil, manure and water, once it is a homogeneous mixture it is processed to spread it over plantations to improve the soil and enrich the roots of the trees.

“They are branches that have been detached from trees due to the weather or other situations like those that occurred weeks ago. What we as a department do is lift the trees that report to us that they have fallen, the part of the trunk becomes firewood and we collect the branches to crush them,” he mentioned.

He invited citizens, after pruning their trees, to take the waste to the collection center located in the Directorate of Parks and Gardens in El Chamizal park, to create this material.

“It is important to mention that we only receive branches and leaves, not garbage or other types of waste,” he stressed.

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