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They plan to approve a new water law; Today it is discussed in the plenary session of Congress

In the plenary session of the local Congress today the initiative sent by the Head of Government to reform the Law on the Right to Access, Disposal and Sanitation of CDMX Water will be voted on.

The reform refers to article 62, which currently establishes that the Water System (Sacmex) determines whether it is feasible to grant the service to “subdivisions, residential, commercial, industrial, mixed or other uses”, always “considering the availability of water and the infrastructure for its provision.

But if the reform is approved, Sacmex will grant the feasibility certificate immediately when “the property is located within a polygon with positive service feasibility”, prior payment of rights.

And the process would be done on a digital platform developed “by the Digital Agency for Public Innovation (ADIP) and operated by the Water System.”

The initiative sent by the Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, has already been analyzed and ruled on by the joint commissions for Comprehensive Water Management and Local Public Administration.

Today it requires a qualified majority, that is, the vote of half of the deputies of Congress (33), plus one. Predictably, Morena and her allies could gather 35 votes.

Yesterday, the local deputy of the PAN, Federico Chávez, went out to talk with neighbors who oppose the reform and who were demonstrating outside Congress, to whom he expressed: “The PAN bench will vote against the ruling.” He also revealed that the Citizen Parliamentary Association will vote in this same direction.

However, last night the vote of the PRD and PRI benches was still not clear.

Manifestation in Donceles

In the demonstration in front of the Congress, Gerardo, from the Front of Original Peoples and Neighborhoods, shouted with a megaphone: “Displacement is taking place, the gentrification of our land and the mismanagement of water, the vital liquid. This not only concerns towns and neighborhoods, but also neighborhoods and housing units. We are restricted from a right as vital and as indispensable as the right to water, because the water goes to megaprojects, to large real estate companies”.

Together with other protesters from the Town of Xoco, Gerardo added: “unfortunately it is a historical process: we have been displaced, but right now is the most critical, most complicated moment, we must defend our land, our water, even with our lives.

“No longer to the megaprojects like Mítikah and other projects that this government wants to do! For what? For the enjoyment of the great elites”.

They seek to simplify: Sacmex

The Mexico City Water System (Sacmex) affirmed that the water supply feasibility authorizations will not be granted arbitrarily to real estate developments, but only if the results of a technical evaluation that considers liquid availability and availability are positive. of the conditions of the hydraulic and sanitary infrastructure network that exist in the area.

This after neighborhood organizations, some of which protested yesterday, denounced that the reform being discussed in the capital’s Congress to the Law on the Right to Access, Disposal and Sanitation of Water in Mexico City only favors the Real Estate Cartel and causes more water crisis among the neighbors.

That is why they called for protests yesterday, within the framework of World Water Day.

In an information sheet released Tuesday night, Sacmex indicated that it already has the authority to issue feasibility reports on hydraulic services.

“The reform proposal to the Law on the Right to Access, Disposal and Sanitation of Water in Mexico City has as its objective the administrative simplification for the opening of commercial establishments. It seeks to reduce and digitize procedures, and eliminate unnecessary requirements, ”he said.

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