GlobalThey promote the Yo Yes I Love You TRC campaign for reflective...

They promote the Yo Yes I Love You TRC campaign for reflective voting

Civil and business organizations called for civility, congruence and respect of the candidates who will participate for a popularly elected position, so they will promote reflective and informed voting, so that citizens know the trajectory and work that have been developed by the different political actors.

Mariano Serna Muñoz, president of the National Chamber of Commerce (Canaco), said that there are 32 civil and business organizations that support this movement to encourage people to come and exercise their vote. He pointed out that after the call that was made in the elections last year, the lagoon region was the one with the highest participation in the entity.

He mentioned that universities will be visited to serve the youth sector, raising awareness about the need for them to go out and vote. He assured that it is about civil society that works to benefit the region.

“That people go out to vote and that it be informed,” he expressed, “that everyone makes the best decision, that they exercise their civic right, their vote is not worth 500 pesos, their vote is worth 3 or 6 years of decisions of a public official who is going to bring a lot of benefit or a lot of harm to society, that is the importance of going to the polls.”

Jorge Reyes Casas, president of Coparmex Laguna, said that informed voting will be promoted in order to combat abstentionism, since there are candidates who win with 22 percent, which means that 78 percent of the citizens did not come to exercise their vote. vote. He also considered it necessary to promote the registration of more electoral observers.

Víctor Gómez Hernández, rector of the Sanctuary of Cristo Rey, highlighted the importance and significance of the next election day, since it is not only about electing the President of Mexico, but also the Federal Congress, Local Congresses and Municipal Presidencies, in the case of Coahuila.

He warned that Mexico needs clean, legal and austere electoral campaigns; with an abundance of responsible and serious proposals; leaving aside the disqualifications of the opponents to give way to the search for authentic solutions to the problems, taking into account their seriousness.

In his call to citizens he mentioned that it is not a time for apathy or abstentionism, but for participation and commitment.

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