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They reconnect electricity in AHMSA, it does not mean that it will operate soon

The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) received a court order to reconnect energy to administrative areas of the paralyzed and judicially prosecuted steel plant of Monclova Altos Hornos de México.

The reconnection of electricity to the general offices of the largest integrated steel industry in Latin America does not represent a possibility of prompt reactivation of the steel company’s production, said the national general secretary of the Democratic union Ismael Leija Escalante.

Interviewed about the order of the Second District Judge of Mexico City of the bankruptcy process in which AHMSA is involved, he explained that it was to access computer files.

He indicated that it is not the first time that the federal judge with jurisdiction throughout the country orders the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) to reinstall electricity to the administrative area of ​​the steel company to extract digital information from the computers, to know the financial statements. and issues related to the trial.

He expressed his hope that the situation of the Monclova steel company will soon be resolved, which in a month and a week will mark one year since it went on strike.

The situation of the company’s workers is unsustainable, said the national mining and labor leader. There are more than 30 weeks of salaries that have not been collected, he explained.

He stated that the reconnection of electricity is part of the process, but it is only to obtain more data. It does not mean that the foundry is about to start operating.

He asked the protagonists of the situation that AHMSA is experiencing to come out and provide official and truthful information about what is happening.

“What you hear is pure rumors. There is no official information” explained Leija Escalante.

He indicated that the much-mentioned appearance of a new group of Chinese capital investors is just gossip that no authority confirms or denies.

He asked AHMSA partners, new or existing ones, to come out and say what is happening with Altos Hornos, what the expectations are and when it will come into operation again.

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