GlobalThey repeat the Mayor in shortlist for Court

They repeat the Mayor in shortlist for Court

Mexico City.- The Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, sent three new names to the Senate, linked to the ruling party, as candidates for the vacancy in the Supreme Court of Justice left by a magistrate for participating in the ruling party’s presidential campaign. The first list of candidates was rejected this week.

In his morning conference, López Obrador said on Friday that the new shortlist included Eréndira Cruzvillegas Fuentes, head of the legal affairs unit of the Ministry of Culture, and maintained the nominations of Bertha Alcalde, legal advisor to the Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks, and Lenia Batres, deputy counselor of the Legal Department of the Federal Executive.

Batres and Alcalde were voted out of office on Wednesday in two consecutive votes in the Senate.

The new proposal no longer includes María Ríos González, legal advisor to the Federal Executive, who was on the first shortlist.

The president did not report the reasons that led him to withdraw her from the proposal and to retain Alcalde, who is the sister of the Secretary of the Interior, Luisa María Alcalde, and Batres, who is the sister of the mayor in charge of Mexico City, Martí Batres.

Since the middle of the month, the opposition had announced that it would not support the candidates proposed in the first shortlist, alleging that none of them met the independence requirement because they were all linked to the government.

Since the candidates of the second shortlist are also related to the ruling party, it is foreseeable that the opposition will also reject them. Mexican legislation establishes that the president can directly appoint a Supreme Court minister after the Senate rejects two shortlists.

None of the three obtained enough votes to reach the qualified majority required to be appointed as a minister of the highest court and fill the vacancy left by Arturo Zaldívar, who resigned from his position this month to join the campaign team of former capital mayor Claudia Sheinbaum. who will be the ruling party’s candidate in the presidential elections of June 2024.

Although the ruling party controls the Senate, it needed the opposition – which occupies about 40 seats – to reach the more than 71 votes necessary. The Mexican Senate is made up of 128 members.

The resignation of Zaldívar, who held the presidency of the highest court between 2019 and 2022, occurred in the midst of the strained relations that López Obrador has with the Supreme Court, which have been tense in recent months after the ministers invalidated the reforms. energy and electoral and the transfer of the National Guard to the Army that the president promoted.

Among the eleven ministers of the Court, López Obrador has always had the support of Loretta Ortiz and Yasmín Esquivel, who at the beginning of the year was involved in a scandal due to the alleged plagiarism of her bachelor’s thesis that is still being debated in the courts.

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