GlobalThey warn of greater tension due to Trump's election

They warn of greater tension due to Trump’s election

Mexico City.- PAN and PRI deputies stated that Mexico faces several risks if Donald Trump is elected president of the United States again.

They considered that the relationship will be more tense on the issue of migration and the construction of a wall on the border will be insisted on.

“The possible return of Donald Trump would once again put the bilateral relationship on a radicalized agenda, the discourse against Mexico would also return, the constant threat of the construction of a wall,” said PAN representative Mariana Gómez del Campo, secretary of the Commission. Of Foreign Affairs.

He mentioned that there is currently a “tremendous problem” with the issue of migration, which has been worsening in the current Morena administration.

“With Trump’s return, the crisis would grow even more, because we must remember that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador put up a guard wall with elements of the National Guard to attack the migrants, literally,” the legislator mentioned.

Also Secretary of International Affairs of the PAN, Gómez del Campo said that López Obrador lent himself to Donald Trump’s game of controlling the migratory flow from Mexico.

“He made things easier for them and put up a human wall with elements of the National Guard, who instead of taking care of the Mexicans, dedicated themselves to chasing migrants,” he highlighted.

PRI representative Sofía Carvajal considered that it would be “terrible news” if Trump won because of the positions he has had against Mexico.

“It would be equally terrible if any other Republican candidate who maintains that Mexico is a danger and seeks to establish walls between our historically allied nations were to win,” warned Carvajal, executive secretary of the Permanent Conference of Political Parties of Latin America and the Caribbean (Copppal). .

He stressed that it is no secret to anyone that today the main flag of the Republican Party is to incite its hatred against Mexico, for the border that unites both nations.

“All Republican candidates maintain the same ideological basis in their speeches, sadly the first to champion that idea was precisely Trump.

“I will always prefer a party that dialogues and listens, that is open to harmony and finding bilateral solutions,” said Carvajal, also a member of the Immigration Commission of the Chamber of Deputies.

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